7th Heaven


With a little help from my friends.jpg
With a Little Help from My Friends
Season 1, Episode 12
Air date January 13, 1997
Written by Brenda Hampton & Jack LoGiudice
Directed by Burt Brinckerhoff
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Matt secretly helps out an old woman, Mrs. Bink. Eric helps out a homeless family by breaking things in his church so they can work to earn money and stay off the streets. Lucy is disappointed when I'm Eric won't let Lucy's 13th birthday party be a "boy\girl" party. Happy delivers her puppies and Simon & Ruthie care for them until the Camdens decide to sell them.


  • In this episode, Lucy celebrates her 13th birthday, which would mean she was born in 1984. Although in later episodes, her birthday is clarified to be in 1983. In the episode, "I Really Do" in 2002, Matt says Lucy is 19. In the episode, "Just You Wait and See", Lucy's date of birth was listed as 1983. Although in "time to Leave the Nest" they state she was conceived on Valentine's Day in 1984.
  • David Gallagher's real-life sister, Michelle Casey guest-stars in this episode.
  • This episode is shown in a flashback scene in the episode, "We Do."
  • The title is a reference to a Beatles' song.


  • Dwight: I think I'm in love with you, Lucy Camden.

  • Lucy: (talking to Mary) Dwight told me he loves me.

  • Simon [to Annie]: Can I have coffee?
  • Annie: No. What's wrong?
  • Simon: I'm a new father, that's what's wrong. I got absolutely no sleep last night. Me and Ruthie were supposed to take turns with the feedings, but I couldn't get Ruthie up!
  • Annie: Why would you have to get up for feedings?
  • Simon: Well, every time the puppies ate, we fed Happy, so she wouldn't run out of milk!