7th Heaven

Wilson West is a recurring character on 7th Heaven. He was Mary's first serious boyfriend and they had an on-again off-again relationship throughout much of the series, but they broke up when Wilson had to move to go to school at the end of season 2 and didn't get back together until season 5/6. They got back together after running into each other in New York and Wilson proposed to her. However, that ended in disaster and Wilson ended up getting together with Corey Conway as we hear in "Hot Pants" and married her instead.


Before Wilson met Mary, he had sex with a sixteen-year-old girl, and got her pregnant. Unfortunately, the girl died during childbirth and Wilson kept the baby. Wilson first meets Mary when she is at the park with Ruthie and asks her out on a date. At first Eric tries to do anything he can to prevent their date, but later finds out that his father knows him. They go to Eddie's Pool Hall where they play pinball and pool until Michael Towner and some friends harass him which ends their date abruptly. He comes back to church the following Sunday where he apologizes to Mary for what happened. In "Dangerous Liaisons (Part 2)," Mary's parents discover that Wilson is a father. The relationship was going great until "Breaking Up Is Hard To Do", where Wilson is not comfortable being that close to Mary because he's afraid they would take their relationship farther than kissing. He dumps her and Mary becomes devastated.

After a period of time apart, Wilson and Mary get back together in "Nothing Endures But Change". He realizes he still has feelings for her while asking Mary to babysit Billy. He also felt a connection to Lucy because they both lost someone; Lucy having loss a friend and Wilson losing Billy's mother. He tells Lucy that the fear with Mary wasn't about them having sex, but about him getting close to her and losing her. However, at the end of season 2 Wilson has to leave for school, leaving her alone once again. In season 3 he comes back again to get Mary back only for Mary finding out she no longer has feelings for him.

Wilson and Mary date on multiple occasions throughout the series, including when she is sent to live with her grandparents in Buffalo. They become serious and discuss marriage at one point, and Wilson even proposed to her. But they ultimately break up after Wilson catches Mary kissing Ben. Wilson reappears in season 6 at the pool hall where Mary finds out he eventually decided to move back to Glenoak after meeting Corey Conway, one of Mary's old basketball teammates who has a daughter.[1] Wilson says that he lost his job and came back to Glen Oak after meeting Corey. They bonded over their similar situations as teenage parents. In Season 9, Wilson returns when Eric calls him for help with a boy who has just become a teen dad. Wilson gives fatherly advice as well as an update on his character; he says that he married Corey Conway and they live in her mother's house while hoping to adopt. The last scene he was in during this episode this one was with Ben. He meets him after three years and doesn't seem to have any bad feelings towards him. Wilson slinks away into the night at the end of the episode, never to be seen again on the show. [2]



  • Dr. Jeffrey West (father)

Marital status[]

  • Corey Conway (married)


  • Billy West Jr. (son)
  • Bernadette Conway (step-daughter)

Significant others[]

  • Mary Camden (dated; ex-fiancée)
  • Unnamed wife (deceased; Billy's mother)


Wilson has appeared in a total of 23 episodes of 7th Heaven.

Episodes featuring Wilson West


  • He worked as a lifeguard and also taught swimming classes for children at the YMCA.
  • Wilson and Mary broke up a total of three times throughout the series. The first time was when Wilson was afraid they were getting too close and Mary would die, so he dumped her. The second time was when Wilson had to move away for school. The third and final time was when Wilson saw Mary kissing Ben, which caused him to dump her.