7th Heaven
Who Knew?
Season 2, Episode 4
Who knew
Air date October 6, 1997
Written by Greg Plageman
Directed by Gabrielle Beaumont
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"Who Knew?" is the fourth episode of the 2nd season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 5.49 million viewers.


In this episode, a 'cool' schoolmate slips Matt a joint, which he tucks away in his shirt pocket, but accidentally loses the marijuana at home, where Eric finds it dropping from Happy's jaw. Eric soon after thinks it was Matt's but Annie tries to stop him from accusing Matt without proof and puts it in her dresser. Also, Simon teaches Ruthie about the fine art of doing laundry, even though Ruthie is a little too young. Lastly, Lucy introduces her new clothing of ALL black and her new boyfriend, Rod, to the family while at the same time, Mary and Lucy find the same joint Eric found in Annie's dresser and thinks Annie is smoking pot.


Mitch, a classmate of Matt's, asks Matt if he wants to go to a party but Matt declines, and then Mitch gives him a joint. Matt doesn't know what to do with it, so he puts it in his coat pocket. When the kids get home from school, Matt pets Happy when walking in and drops the joint. In the kitchen, Simon tells Annie that he doesn't want his mom to pick him up from school and would rather Matt pick him up. Annie mentions she had gone to a parent-teacher conference about Ruthie wearing the same shirt three days in a row, but it turns out that it is Ruthie's favorite shirt and there is a rule that if you want to pick out your clothes, you can wash them. Ruthie doesn't want to or know how to wash her clothes. Simon makes fun of her, but Annie tells Simon to help Ruthie learn how to wash her clothes. Lucy and Mary show up and Mary's allergies are acting up because of Lucy burning incense. Mary tells her mother that Wilson will be coming over that night and Lucy wants to bring Rod, her new boyfriend, over for dinner but Annie says that she will have to ask her father. When Eric walks into the house, he goes to pet Happy, and Happy promptly drops a joint on the floor which Eric picks it up. Eric walks into the kitchen where everyone is congregating and when Mary comments on how her eyes are bothering her and then Lucy keeps on snacking on cookies, he gets suspicious. Mary asks about Wilson coming over and Lucy asks about bringing Rod to dinner. Eric notices Matt snacking on cookies also and gets distracted. When Eric tells the girls no, he asks to talk to Annie alone upstairs. The kids are left wondering what is wrong and what they did wrong.

In their bedroom, Eric confronts Annie about the joint. Eric thinks that it is Matt's because he was eating cookies, but Annie also points out Mary's bloodshot eyes and Lucy burning incense. Eric doesn't want to believe that any of the other kids are using drugs, but Annie warns him about falsely accusing Matt. Eric thinks about the kids' significant others, but they don't know who it is definitely. Eric decides that he will casually talk to each child about drugs to see what they say. Eric hands the joint to Annie and walks out of the room, but Annie doesn't know what to do with it, so she puts it in her dresser. Simon tells Ruthie that she can't wear a bathing suit to dinner, but she says that Annie told her that she could wear whatever she wants to and it is the bathing suit or her pajamas since she has no clean clothes. Simon explains to Ruthie about washing, but Ruthie doesn't seem to get it. Eric walks into Mary and Lucy's room and tells them that they can have their boyfriends over. Mary tells Lucy to stay away from her, but Lucy has trouble finding something to wear since she has started dressing in all black. Lucy goes into her parents' bedroom and looks in her mother's dresser and finds the joint. Lucy shows it to Mary and Matt overhears their conversation, looks into his pocket, then realizes that it is his joint. Mary and Lucy go back to their bedroom and try to figure out why their parents would smoke pot and devise reasons why their mother would smoke pot. Matt calls Mitch to try to go out for the night, but only gets a chance to leave a message on his answering machine.

Eric catches Simon folding clothes and begins quizzing him about drugs. Simon tells him that drugs are stupid and Eric is satisfied with his answer. Annie gets a call for Matt, it turns out to be Mitch and Matt quickly makes plans to go out. Annie gets suspicious of his quick change in plans. When Lucy shows off her new outfit and new makeup to Eric, he begins quizzing her about Rob. Mary then shows up and asks about her allergies. Eric asks the girls about where the matches have gone for the fireplace, but the girls, thinking that their mother is using drugs, tell Eric to go ask Annie. Eric tells the both of them to come to him for advice if they have problems, but Mary and Lucy complain about their father interfering with their dates and that he should talk to mom about problems she may be having. Simon Is helping Ruthie with the laundry and gives Ruthie one of his tips for knowing how much soap to use. He uses one of Annie's bra cups to measure out the soap needed. The doorbell rings and everyone rushes to the door to see a guy dressed in black leather and a motorcycle helmet. Matt walks away laughing. The kids run outside to see Rob's scooter. Eric walks into the kitchen and asks if Matt knows anything about Rob, but Mat tells him that he doesn't know much about the boy. Eric then begins to ask about how he can tell if Rod is doing pot, trying to guilt trip Matt so he chokes up, but Annie stops him and tells Eric that she experimented with pot before she went off to college.

After dinner, the kids express their gratitude for the dinner and it turns out that Rob is a vegetarian. Eric is still upset about learning that Annie smoked pot and they discuss it. Annie asks Eric if he was ever tempted, but Eric said no. Eric thinks that they should stay focused on the real problem and tells Annie that Matt is not going out. Matt tries again to call Mitch, but no one answered. Simon pulls the clothes out of the washer and all of Ruthie's white clothes turned pink because of one red sock. Wilson and Mary discuss Rod as they walk into the kitchen, so Eric asks him if they think that Rod used drugs. Wilson volunteers that he doesn't use drugs and his father drug tests him regularly since he has already wrecked his chances of having a trusting relationship with him since he got a girl pregnant at 16. Simon asks Eric if he can get a scooter at 14, but Eric tells him that he won't be getting a scooter. Mary is upset that Wilson suggested the drug testing idea to her father. Annie walks outside and interrupts Matt playing basketball and tells him that she experimented with pot. She tells a story about her friend, Rachel's, boyfriend who was killed in a car accident after smoking pot. Annie said that from that moment on, she stopped smoking pot and she feels guilty for the death of the boy. Annie then pleads with Matt to stop doing drugs, but Matt walks off mad because his mother accused him of doing drugs. Rod and Lucy are sitting on one couch and Wilson and Mary are sitting on the other couch and face each other and they have a strained conversation. Eric walks in and tells Rod to leave and Wilson agrees to go after Lucy objects to having only Rod leave. As Eric walks Rod walks to the door, he asks if his tie-dye shirt has anything to do with drugs, but Rod said that he heard that it lowers your sperm count in which Eric immediately shuts the door on his face. Wilson offers to take Rod home. Ruthie shows her father her new pink clothes, but Eric tells her to go upstairs while they have a family meeting. Eric tells the kids that he is willing to drug test them, but the girls tell him that they found a joint in their mother's dresser. Eric tells them that it was the same joint that he is talking about. When Matt pipes up and explains that it is his, Simon runs off in anger with his big brother. The rest of the kids go up except Matt. Eric then yells at Matt about the joint and the influence that he has over the other children. The kids continue watching them on the stairwell. When Matt tells Eric to ask Annie about her drug use instead of yelling at him, Eric gets upset and at that moment, Mitch honks the horn and Matt runs out.

At home, Eric yells at Annie for telling Matt about her personal experiences with Matt. Annie starts crying about the situation and Eric looks frustrated. Simon and Ruthie are in their bedroom when Ruthie asks Simon why he is mad. Simon explains that Matt is a loser, but Ruthie doesn't understand. Driving down the road, Matt asks his 'friends' to stop the car so Matt can get out of the car and he starts walking home. Annie and Eric are talking about Annie's drug use and Annie apologizes. Eric and Annie decide to go for a drive and interrupt Mary and Lucy discussing Matt using drugs to tell them that they are leaving and will be back. At the church, Eric and Annie walk in on Matt praying about the situation. They listen to his prayer and find out that he never used drugs and he pleads for them to trust him again. Annie speaks up and Matt sees them and walks to talk to them. Eric tells Matt to come home and Matt gives both of them hugs and tells them that he is sorry. Eric tells him that he will listen now and that they will be alright.


  • This episode has become somewhat of a Reefer Madness (1936) for a generation because of the over dramatic scene where Eric is yelling at Matt for a single joint. Several fan edits and memes of the episode can be found on YouTube and various other places throughout Web.
  • This episode received a PRISM Commendation. A PRISM Commendation is an award that is given to a company or organization that has demonstrated excellence in the area of safety and health, including substance abuse.


  • Kate Bosworth is an extra in this episode as student in background, She'll later work with Jessica Biel in the 2002 film, The Rules of Attraction.

Goofs & Errors[]

  • Ruthie has to do her own laundry as in all the Camden children, when you're old enough to dress yourself you're old enough to do your own laundry. But in later episodes Annie does the laundry for everyone in the family numerous times.

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