7th Heaven
Season 5, Episode 14
Air date February 12th, 2001
Written by Carol Tenney
Directed by Burt Brinkerhoff
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V-Day is the fourteenth episode of the 5th season and the 102th episode overall of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 6.35 million viewers, leading the WB and earning 84th place for the week nationally.[1]


Robbie admits to the Camden tribe, but only after long guessing and the facts, that his Valentine's date was with Cheryl again, but it actually provides closure, for he still wants Mary. Meanwhile, Jeremy impresses Lucy with a fancy dinner and more, regardless of her exes popping up everywhere. Elsewhere, the other siblings miss out on dates but still dislike the twins' birthday party, the childishness of which finally gets through to the parents.


Lucy is in her bedroom attic, engaging in a phone conversation with Jeremy. Jeremy asks about her future plans if she decides not to pursue a career as a minister after college, and she replies that it's her dream of singing on Broadway and promises Jeremy a front-row ticket if she ever gets the opportunity. However, their conversation is cut short when Robbie interrupts, requesting to use the phone for his Valentine's date. Lucy ends the call and begins questioning Robbie about his date and who she is. Robbie feels uncomfortable discussing it and goes downstairs, with Lucy following closely behind where she gets the attention of the other nosey Camden. Robbie stills remain silent to their constant questioning of who his date is. He leaves to the other room and when Matt follows him, the rest of the Camdens make a plan to figure out who he's going out with.

Robbie is trying to avoid the prying questions of the Camden and hides in the garage, even hiding in the car's trunk. Matt enters and eventually finds where he's hiding and asks about his date for Valentine's Day. Robbie brushes it off, saying it's not a big deal and he just doesn't want to be alone on Valentine's Day. He admits that he doesn't see a romantic future with Mary and wants to move on with his life. Matt tells him about Heather and how he also thinks the same, that he and Heather aren't gonna be anything more than friends, and then asks Robbie if he can fix him up, and tells him his date must have a friend who could go out with him. In the kitchen, Simon is on the phone with his ex-girlfriend, Deena. He asks her since she's in town for Valentine's maybe they both can double and tells her he'll pick her up around 7 pm tomorrow on Valentine's. Ruthie runs in and calls her friend Bert to invite him to the twins' birthday party on Valentine's Day. He accepts and then Ruthie tells him Robbie will pick him up tomorrow at 7 pm which is the same time Simon told Deena. While getting the twins asleep, Eric suggests to Annie about letting the whole Robbie date thing go away. Eric tells him Robbie isn't going to come to Sam and David's birthday party with his date. Annie replies that if he won't do it she'll take care of it. Jeremy calls Lucy and tells her that despite his understanding that she wants to be a good sister to find out who Robbie is going out with, he wants it to just be them on Valentine's Day and tells her he's taking her out to a surprise restaurant. Lucy says she can't wait and hangs up. Moments later Mary calls and asks for Robbie. Lucy goes to look for him and runs into Matt who said he's hiding in the garage until everyone goes to bed then after, he plans to call whoever he's going out with to get Matt a date for Valentine's so they could double date. Simon overhears and tells him Robbie is driving them and Deena. Ruthie says they're wrong and Robbie is driving Bert and her out. They bicker and argue about who's Robbie date is and who he's going to take to double with them. Annie says that whoever it is the most important thing is Sam and David's birthday party. She notices the lack of enthusiasm on their faces and asks why they don't wanna go to their party, and Ruthie tells her that they still love them but it's a "baby party and they don't even know it's their birthday. Robbie comes upstairs and Annie tells him he can bring his date to the twin's birthday party but Robbie says he will just pick her up afterward. Robbie walks away and Annie asks if someone is on the phone which Lucy has been holding this entire time. Unbeknownst to them, Mary had been listening on the line and heard about Robbie going out on a date, which he had kept from her.

The following morning, Lucy is complaining to Ruthie about the clothes that she needs to wear for a Valentine's date with Jeremey. Ruthie asks if she could wear the clothes Mary left behind but Lucy says that wearing her clothes wouldn't feel as special, and she really wants to feel special for her first date with Jeremy. While talking, Annie walks in and surprises Lucy with a new red dress she bought. Lucy hugs her in excitement and thanks her profoundly for the thoughtful gift. Lucy tells Annie that she really likes Jeremy unlike any other guy she's gone out with before. Meanwhile, Robbie tells Matt that his date didn't have a friend for him to go out with. Matt grabs the phone from him and calls John. He asks what he's doing that night and asks if he would like any company. Priscilla overhears and says it would be fine if Matt comes by. John gets confused, as he would naturally want to spend Valentine's Day alone with her. Priscilla expresses her dislike of Valentine's Day and calls it a lame holiday. She says she doesn't like the pressure of Valentines and things get stirred up when they start having a small argument. John tells Matt that he can come over but can't stay long. Back at the house, Eric runs into Simon and notices Simon's nervousness. Simon tells him that now that Matt doesn't have a date he's gonna have to drive him instead of Robbie which he preferred to find out who his date is. Eric tells him to respect Robbie's privacy regarding his date, and when Robbie walks out of the bathroom, Simon whispers to Eric to ask him who his date is but Eric says he's not getting involved. Eric walks into the twin's room where Ruthie is and she asks who Mary is dating but Eric doesn't know. Ruthie asks if Mary is dating anyone and Eric just doesn't answer but Ruthie takes that as a yes. Meanwhile, Mary calls the house and Annie picks it up. She wants to speak to Robbie and the Camden kids run off to find Robbie where he's getting ready for his date in a nicely suited outfit. Ruthie compliments him on his looks and Ruthie says Mary is dating someone. Robbie is taken aback but just leaves without revealing anything about his date and tells them that he's going to Annie to see if there's anything he can help out with the party. Once again, unbeknownst to them, Mary is still on the line and says she wants to know who Robbie is dating. Matt doesn't answer but instead hangs up and rushes to Eric, wanting to know who Mary is dating. Annie comes by and Eric explains that the Colonel thinks Mary might be interested in one of the guys that works at the homeless shelter but he just thinks that and doesn't know for sure. Annie instructs the kids to get ready for the party, and she and Eric talk privately. Annie and Eric talk alone, wants Eric to go downstairs to find out who Robbie is going out with, find out if Mary said anything to him about going out with someone, and ask Robbie if he's going out with this unknown person just because Mary is going out with someone else. Robbie walks in and starts saying he would rather not say anything about his date, Mary told him that she's only interested in this guy but hasn't been going out with him, and yes that's why he's going out with someone on Valentines, because Mary is interested in another guy.

That night, Ruthie rushes from Bert's house, back to the car where Matt drove her with Simon to get Bert. Ruthie mentions that Bert is sick but doesn't mind that much since she just asked him over to find out who Robbie is going out with. They drive over to Deena's for Simon. He walks out with Deena and another guy. Simon introduces her date, Peter, to Matt and Ruthie. Deena questions where his date was because she thought they were double dating, and Simon lies through his teeth that his date "fell through" but Deena sees through his lies and realizes that something got misunderstood and Deena thought they would be double dating together with their own respective dates. She says that it'll feel awkward if they join the twin's birthday party so they would just stay there. Back at the house, everyone is celebrating the twin's birthday. Annie tells them it's over and they can go out with their dates but awkwardly none of them moves and just looks at Robbie until he gets up and leaves for his date. The doorbell rings and Lucy removes a robe revealing her new dress. Jeremy gives Annie roses and candy to Eric as a Valentine's gift. He gives them his cellphone number and leaves with Lucy. Annie expresses that she can't get Robbie out of her mind and asks Eric who she thinks he's going out with. They express looks and come to the realization of who he's going out with. Annie says if it is who they think it is, Mary will be very upset. At a restaurant, Jeremy asks the waiter what he would recommend for them considering they have a tight budget, and he says two salads and splitting a chicken marsala. Lucy and Jeremy make conversation about Jeremy's father, where Jeremy mentions that his father is a musician who plays in some clubs and gives music lessons. Lucy notices her two ex-boyfriends, Rod and Jimmy, coincidentally working at the same restaurant. They notice her and come introduce themselves to Jeremy. They sit down at the same table and Lucy says while it's good to see both of them, Jeremy and her are on their first date and try to get them to leave. They notice the hints she gave and congratulate Jeremy on dating Lucy and then compliments Lucy saying she's the best before going back to work. Lucy apologizes to Jeremy but he says he won't let anyone spoil the night for them, not even her ex-boyfriends. Meanwhile, Robbie is sitting down at the promenade, alone in the cold dark waiting for his date and looking at his watch. At John's apartment, John wants to give Priscilla her Valentine's gift before Matt gets there but Priscilla reveals she's been keeping a secret but before she can say what it is, Matt interrupts and brings cake. John tries to get her to talk but Priscilla says it can wait until Matt leaves. Robbie tries to call someone from a payphone, but no one answers and he hangs up in frustration. Meanwhile, Lucy and Jeremy are walking down the promenade while Lucy expresses how great of a Valentine's she's been having. She thanks her for understanding about Rod and Jimmy. They lean in for a kiss but she notices another ex-boyfriend, this time Jordan who she dated two years ago. He notices her staring at him and rushes over to hug her. She introduces him to Jeremy and Jordan tells him that he hopes it works out, and Lucy is the best. He whispers a remark about calling him if it doesn't work out. Lucy apologizes and Jeremy asks her if she's ready for her next surprise, and that the restaurant was just the icing on the cake.

At the apartment, Priscilla and Matt are talking and laughing together and John is trying to get Matt to leave. John gets angry and decides to go for a walk around the block to clear his head. Priscilla tells Matt she has a secret and wants him to stay there to work up the courage to tell John. Meanwhile, Eric asks Ruthie about Bert and she reveals he wasn't actually sick he just made it up. Ruthie doesn't mind though. When asked about Deena, Simon just says it was a miscommunication. Mary calls and Eric picks it up. She wants Robbie but Eric says he's not there and tells Eric to tell Robbie to call her as soon as he gets back. Robbie is still waiting for his date at the promenade. Someone walks by and it's Cheryl. She questions if she should be there and says she misses him. He asks her how she's been and if she wants to grab some dinner at the restaurant they were meant to go to, but she wasn't up to it and they instead head back to her place. They both just sit out front of her house. Robbie doesn't want to go in because he's afraid he won't be able to control himself. They talk about how bad he is at relationships and how Robbie feels comfortable with Cheryl and he can be who he is when he's with her. With Mary, he feels like he has to be a better person for dating her. Cheryl tells him that she loves him for who he is but can see he's changing, and if loving Mary keeps him changing for the better then go to her and love her. She expresses that she wants someone who feels about her the same way Robbie feels about Mary. She goes inside her house but before she does, she gives Robbie a number for Matt to call. Back at the apartment, John gets back and Matt quickly leaves. Priscilla tells her that she's been married before and that her high school boyfriend got married together because they thought being married would guarantee that their relationship would last when they went to separate colleges, but it didn't last so they got it annulled. Priscilla feels guilty about not telling him this sooner but John doesn't care and explains that his mother got married on Valentine's Day before she met his father and now every year on Valentine's, he would call her and every year his father would get jealous. They have a small fight about why John didn't tell her that sooner. They get interrupted by Robbie who's looking for Matt but Priscilla closes the door on him and they quickly make up when John tells her he isn't angry that she's been married before. Simon, Matt, and Ruthie are in the kitchen and a horse randomly sticks its head in the window and Bert comes to tell Ruthie it's her Valentine's present. Ruthie thanks him and they both ride him around the block. Moments later, Deena comes and says that her parent's plans changed and she has to catch a plane the next morning but didn't want to leave without saying goodbye. They continued to talk outback in private. Robbie walks in and Matt figures out who he was out with and Robbie says that it wouldn't work out as he's still in love with Mary. He's discouraged since she's interested in someone else but Matt gives him some confidence that she will be back to him, just don't tell her about Cheryl. Robbie gives Matt the number Cheryl gave him and Matt walks upstairs to talk to the lady in private.

Eric is walking Annie with a blindfold and leads her to the twins sitting on the couch and reveals that he got some old videos of her late mother watching the kids when they were young. He tells her that since Sam and David didn't have the pleasure of meeting Annie's mother, so now she can show them to her on tape. Matt walks downstairs to the kitchen and tells Robbie he's heading out to meet Cheryl's friend. Robbie picks up the phone to call Mary. Before she can say anything further, he tells her that he went out with Cheryl because he was upset she was interested in another guy, but he doesn't love Cheryl, only her. He explains that he's going to commit his life worthy of being a man loved by her and tells her happy Valentine's Day. Mary hangs up without saying anything, except with a look of relief on her face. Jeremy brings Lucy to a theatre that says her name on the sign. He explains that his dad is rehearsing there and said he can let Lucy use the stage to sing. Lucy almost nervously declines but Jeremy tells her about how she promised her earlier with tickets and a backstage pass. At the house, Robbie tells Annie and Eric goodnight and that his date with Cheryl didn't work out, and that he is going to wait for Mary and going to work hard for her to be a better person. Robbie leaves and Annie asks Eric to play the tape again. The tape show's Annie mother, Jenny, singing a song to most of the Camden kids when they were little. They all sing together and Annie gets emotional. Meanwhile, Lucy sings on a private stage, the same song Jenny was singing on the tape, "When I Fall in Love". While singing, Jeremy quietly tells his dad that she's "the one".


  • Matthew Linville, Toran Caudell, and Wade Carpenter make a special guest appearance in this episode as Lucy's ex-boyfriends. None of them have appeared since either the 3rd or 4th season.
    • Nicole Cherie also makes a guest appearance as the recurring character Deena. She is the sister of Sam Saletta who plays George Camden.


  • Beverly Mitchell sings the song When I Fall In Love towards the end of this episode.
  • The place that Beverly sang at towards the end of the episode was the Warner Grand Theatre.
  • Near the end of the episode, Bert brings Ruthie a horse so they can ride it. Mackenzie Rosman is notoriously a big animal fan and has owned many horses and even rides her horses in jumping competitions.


Main Cast[]

Featured in the opening credits are:

Guest Stars[]

  • Andrea Pearson as Priscilla Carter
  • David Lago as Jeremy
  • Nicole Cherie as Deena Stewart
  • Barret Swatek as Cheryl
  • Scott Terra as Bert
  • Wade Carpenter as Jordan
  • Matthew Linville as Jimmy Moon
  • Toran Caudell as Rod
  • Alice Hirson as Jenny Jackson


  • Chris Emerson as Peter
  • Max Middleton as Waiter


  • Cully Smoller as Young Matt
  • Madison Stoddard as Young Mary
  • Justine Bivans as Young Lucy
  • Chase Ellison as Young Simon