7th Heaven
Twelve Angry People
Season 4, Episode 17
Twelve Angry People
Air date February 28, 2000
Written by Carol Tenney
Directed by Tony Mordente
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"Twelve Angry People" is the seventeenth episode of the 4th season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 6.49 million viewers.


Eric Camden finds himself on a hung jury of a case that he considers "open and shut," only to realize that he must help the other jurors regain their faith in the legal process in order to reach a fair verdict. Meanwhile, the other Camden's are suffering their own wrong doings as Annie and Ruthie ponder whether two wrongs make a right. Mary becomes in debt with Lucy after accidently giving her a black eye. Also, Simon and Deena realize that saying "sorry" can't turn back time, and Matt learns how important one person's voice can be.


  • This episode references the title and theme of the 1957 movie "12 Angry Men", which also explores the individual biases and preconceptions about a case, and the challenges they face in reaching a verdict.
  • Tom Virtue guest stars in this episode. He plays Steve Stevens in the Disney Channel series "Even Stevens".

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