7th Heaven
The Voice
Season 3, Episode 19
The Voice
Air date May 3, 1999
Written by Ron Darian
Directed by David J. Plenn
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"The Voice" is the nineteenth episode of the third season of 7th Heaven, and the sixty-third episode overall. On its original airing, this episode scored 7.19 million viewers.


Eric defends a custodian named Rudy from Simon's school who claims to be hearing messages from God and is forced into early retirement through the school board. Annie cuts loose for the evening with other fellow mothers. Ruthie encounters a chimp living in the Camden's tree in the backyard but is not believed by her family. Mary stays up babysitting for the twins when the parent's are out, and is ditched by Lucy.



Guest Starring[]

  • Maureen Flannigan as Shana Sullivan
  • Carey Eidel as Vice Principal Blackstone
  • Scott Ferguson as Tucker


  • Olivia Brown as Patricia Hamilton


  • Alicia Willis as Corey Conway
  • Brynn Harris as Janet
  • JoAnn Evans as Ellen
  • Sophia Santi as Lulu
  • Amit Mehta as Curtis
  • Timothy Starks as Cop


  • Jason Graham as Guy
  • Bryan Macrina as Stu
  • Blumes Tracy as Waiter
  • Jackson Sleet as Patron
  • Felipe Alejandro as Security Guard
  • and Chaos as Eisenhower


  • In Germany, this episode is known as The Voice of the Lord, translated.

Opening Credits[]

Featured in the opening credits are:

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