7th Heaven
The Tribes That Bind
Season 3, Episode 13
The Tribes That Bind
Air date January 25, 1999
Written by Catherine LePard
Directed by Bradley Gross
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In Praise of Women

"The Tribes That Bind" is the thirteenth episode of the third season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 9.48 million viewers.


Lucy is spending the weekend at a camp where everyone has to spend the weekend by themselves without talking to anyone. Ruthie is angry with classmate Bobby Tripp because he keeps making fun of her since he accidentally saw her underwear. Now, Ruthie decides to make him realize what he did was wrong by starting a war: Camdens vs. Tripps. The church's women's group throws a baby shower for Annie. Eric and Matt have lunch with Morgan and John Hamilton. The manager of the restaurant won't serve Morgan and John because he doesn't serve black people.


  • When this episode originally aired on January 25, 1999, and scored 9.48 million viewers, which was a record for The WB at the time. This record was broken two weeks later by the episode "In Praise of Women" which scored 12.5 million viewers.


  • This episode is the last appearance of the entire Hamilton family together. Some family members make appearances later on individually, however.
  • When Ruthie charges at the Tripp's, her war chant is that of Xena from Xena: Warrior Princess. In addition, at the end of the episode, the (uncredited) music of the theme song of the TV show Xena: Warrior Princess played instead of the normal 7th Heaven closing theme.

Goofs & Errors[]

  • In the scene where Annie is lying down on the bed and Ruthie is watering her plants, Ruthie comes over and tells Annie how Bobby Tripper saw her underwear on the swings at school. As they talk, Annie's position changes from having her right hand behind her head and left hand on her stomach, to having her right hand on her stomach and left hand on Ruthie between shots. This is very noticeable and you can tell they shot it at different times.

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