7th Heaven

The Camden’s House is the primary home of the series and where most of the scenes take place in. The street address is 527 Alta Road in Glenoak, California.[1] Despite most of the main cast moving out in later seasons, the house always remain full with the Camden's offering shelter to various guests at different points in the show. The house is owned by the church, Eric Camden works at and was given to him as a benefit of Eric's ministry work.


Eric Camden (1962-2007)

Annie Camden (1962-2007)

Matt Camden (1980-1997)

Mary Camden (1982-2001)

Lucy Camden-Kinkirk (1983-2005)

Simon Camden (1986-2003)

Ruthie Camden (1989-2007)

Sam and David Camden (1999-2007)

Happy (1996-2007)

Kevin Kinkirk (2003-2005)

Savannah Kinkirk (2004-2005)




Martin Brewer



Sandy Jameson


  • In the pilot episode of 7th, the house is very much different than the one in the rest of the series. The reason to that is because they used a different house than the one portrayed in the rest of the series and basically, the first house was a loan for the pilot episode. The house they use is 1090 Rubio Street in Altadena, otherwise known as The Rubio House.[2]
  • Just like in universe, the real address where the exterior of the house was used had the same address, 527 Alta Avenue in Santa Monica.[3]
  • In Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line, it was revealed that the Camden's home phone number is 555-0157. However, the phone number changes to 555–0119 in Johnny Get Your Gun.
  • The basement has only been shown two times in the entire series. One in "Hoop Dreams" and the other one in "Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn"



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