7th Heaven
Thanks and Giving
Season 11, Episode 9
Thanks and Giving
Air date November 27, 2007
Written by Brenda Hampton
Directed by Keith Truesdell
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"Thanks and Giving" was the ninth episode of the 11th season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, the episode scored 4.22 million viewers.


Ruthie's run-in with airport security delays the family's return home. Angered that her one-way ticket triggered a search during a layover in New York, Ruthie sarcastically remarks, "I'm a terrorist," which causes Officer Keaton of the Port Authority police force to detain Ruthie, Eric, and Annie for questioning. At home, Lucy finds the Camden kitchen overrun with casseroles and flowers from parishioners concerned over Eric's health. Fortunately, Lucy's calm confidence and positive attitude about Eric's heart condition lessen the anxieties of church members. While Margaret and the twins plan a musical "welcome home" for Eric, T-Bone and Jane brainstorm a special gift for him. In New York, Officer Keaton confides in Eric that his fiancée of five years, who's flying to London that night, refuses to marry him because she's afraid she might lose him in the line of fire. Later, Lucy inspires the family's neighbor, Mrs. Beeker, with her faith and strength, while Eric gives a speech at the airport, emphasizing the need to live without fear, despite the terrorist acts of September 11, 2001. In addition, he tracks down Officer Keaton's fiancée and performs a gate-side wedding ceremony. To her surprise, Sandy discovers Mac's "friendly" visit is a "spy" mission on behalf of Martin, who wants to know if Sandy is dating Simon, which she isn't. That evening, the Camdens arrive home to a rousing chorus of "This Land is Your Land," performed by Margaret and the twins. Up in their bedroom, Annie and Eric are surprised to find T-Bone and Jane's gift: an adjustable bed, donated by a parishioner.


  • Lucy asks Mrs. Beeker if she remembers taking one of Happy's puppies, and Mrs. Beeker says they still have that dog. Happy only had two puppies, and Simon and Ruthie gave both of them to Dwight, a friend of Jimmy Moon's. Mrs. Beeker didn't take one of the puppies
  • Although credited, George Stults does not appear in this episode.

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