7th Heaven
Season 5, Episode 15
Air date February 19th, 2001
Written by Brenda Hampton
Directed by Joel J. Feigenbaum
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Sweeps is the fifteenth episode of the 5th season and the 103th episode overall of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 7.95 million viewers, leading the WB and earning 72nd place for the week nationally.[1]


An item found in a lost wallet by Matt and Lucy starts speculations whether it's Simon's or Robbie's and how to make sure it doesn't mean their dates go too far. Meanwhile, none of the siblings gives Mary the triumphant welcome she hoped for at her first-weekend visit, and Robbie is ultimately scolded for not wildly kissing her.


Mary is in her room in Buffalo, having a phone conversation with Eric. She asks him if he talked with Annie about letting her come stay the weekend at the Camden's house she lived at before Eric and Annie sent her to Buffalo to live with her grandparents. She starts listing what preparations she made such as rearranging her work schedule at the homeless shelter to get time off and finishing her class paper ahead of schedule. Eric informs her that he and Annie have discussed it and see no reason why she shouldn't come for the weekend. Excited, Mary requests to talk to Robbie. Annie takes over the call briefly as Eric goes to find Robbie. They chat about Robbie and how great he's doing and how they all like him now. The phone eventually gets passed around from Lucy to Ruthie, and during all of this, they question whether Mary's visit is a good idea. Robbie finally comes by and also reiterates the question of if her coming over is a good idea when Mary tells him her parents are letting her fly in for the weekend. He nervously expresses his anticipation and tells her he can't wait to see her. In response, Mary tells him she'll see him tomorrow and when she hangs up, she does a silly little dance about seeing Robbie.

The following morning, Mary returns home with the expectation of a warm greeting from everyone. However, she finds the house empty and only encounters Annie and Eric. Mary asks about Robbie and the other Camden kids, but Annie explains they are either working or occupied with their own activities. This leaves Mary feeling a bit disheartened that her arrival seems unnoticed. She heads to the attic to settle in her old bedroom, and as she walks away, Annie and Eric notice her unusually large bag for her just staying the weekend. This leads them to wonder if the excitement of seeing each other might lead Robbie and Mary to make any impulsive decisions. Upstairs, Mary runs into Simon, who greets her rather unenthusiastically and then walks away rudely. She moves on to the attic where Ruthie is absorbed in a magazine and oblivious to her presence. Ruthie asks Mary about her plans for staying in the house since she enjoys being in her former room. Before Mary can respond, Lucy enters the conversation and talks to Ruthie without initially noticing Mary. When Mary speaks up, Lucy finally acknowledges her but seems distracted as she talks about other matters with Ruthie. Frustrated, Mary leaves the attic. Meanwhile, Robbie is at the hospital talking with Matt. Robbie expresses his nervousness about Mary's return and Matt tells him that he shouldn't worry unless he plans on doing anything inappropriate with her. Robbie clarifies that's not the source of his nerves and assures Matt that he wouldn't do anything that Eric and Annie wouldn't approve of. Matt remains skeptical and just returns to work. Simon enters the kitchen, searching for something. He informs Annie that he lost money from his wallet and declines her offer to check the laundry basket. Although Eric offers him some money, Simon turns it down, mentioning he's just going out with Sasha that night to watch movies with friends at her place. He walks away, leading Eric to speculate to Annie that Simon might be dating Sasha, which she finds hard to believe given their previous agreement that they could only be friends. Their conversation shifts to Mary and how ironic it is that they now trust Robbie but not Mary when it was the other way just a few months ago. Outside in the backyard, Mary is playing with a basketball and misses a shot, showing how the times have changed and she doesn't practice basketball anymore. Robbie walks through the backyard, but when he greets her, she throws the ball at him in frustration. Mary expresses her disappointment that no one seems happy about her return. Robbie tries to kiss her but instead of being happy, she is still upset and tells him that the kiss is what she expected when she got home, and then walks away. In the upstairs bathroom, Lucy discovers a random wallet in the laundry hamper. After looking inside, she finds something and reacts with horror and throws it. Downstairs, Robbie talks with Annie, expressing that he just wanted Mary to come to visit the family as a whole rather than just him. He clarifies that he had no role in her leaving and doesn't want to be the reason for her return. He admits he never got the chance to tell her something and attempts to explain his emotions when he kisses her, but he stops mid-sentence and leaves the room as Matt enters.

Upstairs, Lucy suddenly pushes Matt into the bedroom to talk. She shows him a wallet she found earlier and asks if it's his. Matt denies it and questions why she's asking. Lucy reveals what she found inside the wallet and where she found it. Matt takes a look inside but only finds a few dollars. He jumps to the conclusion that it belongs to Robbie and dismisses the possibility of it being Simon's. The following night, Simon informs Eric that Sasha will be picking him up. Eric instructs Ruthie to take the twins upstairs, giving him the opportunity to talk to Simon alone. Eric asks if he was planning anything, to which Simon defends himself, stating he's not planning anything wrong. He assures Eric that if he didn't want him to know, he could easily make up a story. Simon insists he's innocent, but Eric admits to having a gut feeling about the situation. When Sasha arrives, Eric questions her about their plans and she confirms Simon's story about watching "The Sixth Sense" movie with a group of people. She adds that she's picking up the other kids since Simon doesn't have his driver's license. After they leave, Eric and Annie discuss the whereabouts of Robbie, with Annie mentioning that he's upstairs talking to Mary. They share their trust in Robbie but their lack of trust in Mary. Meanwhile, Matt questions Robbie about the wallet. Robbie denies it being his, but Matt remains skeptical. Robbie suggests it might belong to Simon. However, Matt dismisses the idea, deeming Simon too young, and questions why he would have such an item. Robbie explains that it's common for guys to have such items for safe sex. Matt becomes more suspicious, accusing Robbie of using Simon as a scapegoat and his real plans are to seduce Mary. Robbie calls Matt crazy and tells him he's a changed man. Matt proposes a solution to prove he changed, which is to stay in plain sight and play board games with Mary at home until Simon returns. Robbie goes to find Mary, who emerges from the bathroom in a towel. He suggests they stay home and play board games. Mary sees right through him, immediately guessing right that it was Matt's idea, then tells him they won't be doing that and says she'll be ready in ten minutes. At Sasha's house, Simon finds himself in a dimly lit room with candles. Sasha reveals that she lied about the others coming over to watch "The Sixth Sense" movie and it's just the two of them. She leans in for a kiss, but Simon is obviously uncomfortable. He asks about the movie, and Sasha brushes off the question. Sasha also mentions how her parents let her live in the guest house. In the attic, Mary asks Lucy why everyone seems distant as if they don't want her around. Lucy explains that it might take time for everyone to adjust to the sudden change. Mary expresses that she expected that her return would have been better and that everyone would be happy to see her. Lucy reassures her that everyone is indeed happy she's back, especially Robbie. Mary notices something is up with Lucy and presses her to explain further. Lucy mentions finding Robbie's wallet with something in it, leaving it vague but not vague enough that Mary knows what she's talking about. Mary says she only planned on kissing him and won't do any of that but it was nice to hear that he was thinking of her that way.

Eric is searching through the laundry in the kitchen as Annie approaches and asks about his actions. Eric admits that he's using the excuse of finding Simon's wallet to go check on him. Matt overhears and becomes curious. Eric asks Matt if he found any money, possibly in a wallet. Matt shows him a wallet and asks if it belongs to Simon, a notion that Eric agrees with. Mary and Robbie come downstairs, stating they're heading to the promenade and leaving without playing any board games which Matt wanted to keep them in sight. Lucy comes downstairs and Matt informs her that the wallet was Simon's, leading her to know that the wallet containing the condom is Simon's, and Lucy followed Matt upstairs to confirm her suspicion. Annie and Eric find their behavior suspicious and decide to investigate the situation on their own. Meanwhile, Mary and Robbie are driving, and they stop on the side of the street. Robbie denies owning the wallet, but Mary doubts his claim. She questions if he kept the item in the wallet because he thought something would happen between them, or if he retained it from his date with Cheryl on Valentine's Day. Robbie firmly asserts his innocence and tells Mary to stop accusing him. Eventually, he confesses that the wallet belongs to Simon. Mary remains skeptical and argues that Simon is too young to have such an item. She doesn't believe Sasha would seduce Simon so much that he will lose his sense of right and wrong. Their conversation shifts and Robbie tells Mary to reveal her plan, with Robbie wanting to find Simon after she tells him her plan. After sharing a kiss, Mary tells him to recall a time when he wanted them to get married while they were dating previously, but she wanted to establish her own identity and life away from him. She doesn't say anything else and just kisses Robbie again. Back at the house, the Camdens gather in the living room to discuss what they think Simon is doing. Annie remains convinced that Simon is merely watching a movie with friends. Eric returns from getting ice cream, but the family suspects he went to spy on Simon. Matt accompanies Eric to the kitchen to talk privately. Matt whispers in his ear what was in the wallet, and they decide that Eric should check on Simon. Eric reveals he went to Sasha's house with no one being home and went to the promenade but Mary and Robbie weren't there. Matt tells him that Lucy had mentioned Mary had a wacky plan involving Robbie. Eric lies to Annie, Ruthie, and Lucy that there was a mix-up with the ice cream order, and that he needs to go back. They all insist on accompanying him to secretly spy on Simon. Meanwhile, at the Diary Shack, Mary and Robbie continue their conversation. Robbie asks if Mary is upset, referencing their earlier discussion about marriage and moving to Buffalo. Mary reassures him that she's not upset he doesn't want to move to Buffalo. She emphasizes the positives of moving, including good schools they could attend together and a sports program he can run as a side job. Robbie admits his preference for staying in Glenoak to build character while living with her parents. Mary explains that she isn't planning to move back to GlenOak permanently and expresses her optimism about rebuilding their life together. Robbie, however, believes he needs to be responsible for himself before taking on the responsibility of a relationship. He mentions that he didn't have someone like Eric and Annie guiding him while growing up. Mary wants to help him but Robbie just wants to find Simon before he does anything stupid with Sasha.

The remaining Camdens is driving to spy on Simon. During the car ride, Lucy asks if Mary and Robbie will ever get married. Annie expresses skepticism, citing their young age and differing interests. They arrive at Sasha's house, and Matt goes by a backyard window to spy on Simon. Annie maintains her belief that Simon is innocent, regardless of the situation. Lucy and Eric tell her to wait until she has all the facts and afterward she will definitely change her mind. Annie becomes suspicious and upset that everyone seems to know something she doesn't. Matt peers through the window and witnesses exactly what Simon described earlier – a group of people watching a movie. Sasha notices Matt looking and signals Simon, who rushes outside. Matt makes a run for the car, but they drive off without him. Simon catches up and Matt starts running down the street. While driving, Mary and Robbie spot the Camden's car and stop. They see Simon running after Matt. Robbie asks Mary to take the ice cream home while he goes after Simon. Everyone slows down to catch their breath. Simon asks Matt if he was spying on him, and out of nowhere, Eric appears and seizes Simon's wallet out of Robbie's hand. He asks about the condom and Simon confirms it's his wallet. Robbie admits he gave Simon the condom. They head back to the car, and Eric's anger with Robbie is evident. Robbie accepts responsibility, acknowledging he should have consulted Eric before giving the condom. Simon explains that being young wasn't the issue, and the opportunity made him feel like a man. He shares that he told Sasha no and arrived to find no one there, so he made some calls to gather a group. Eric tells Robbie about even though people have good intentions, some things should be left up to the parents, emphasizing the importance of seeking advice from trusted people in matters of right and wrong. Eric asks about Mary, and Robbie tells him what her plan was. Meanwhile, in the kitchen, Lucy and Annie talk while Mary enters briefly to get water. Mary mentions that Robbie gave Simon the condom. Annie invites Mary to join them. Mary points out her feeling of being on the outside with no one really caring about her life. Annie admits they feel similarly, and Mary wonders what they want to know. Lucy directly asks Mary why she actually came home for Robbie. Mary admits that after hearing about Robbie's unsuccessful Valentine's date with Cheryl, she saw an opportunity and devised a plan. Her intention was for Robbie to move to Buffalo and change his life for her. Mary explains that she hoped if they met and shared a kiss, he would give in. Annie and Lucy comment on the seductive nature of her plan, regardless of whether it was for affection or a manipulation tactic. They discuss the portrayal of women using seduction to achieve their goals and the misconception that men have uncontrollable animal instincts. They agree that using Robbie's attraction to her to coerce him wasn't right.


  • The content of the wallet, which turned out to be a condom, wasn't explicitly discussed until Eric had a conversation with Simon, Matt, and Robbie towards the episode's conclusion. However, it was quite evident that the item was a condom, and this fact could have been deduced without much difficulty.


  • John Hamilton (portrayed by Chaz Lamar Shepherd) does not appear in this episode.
  • The title "Sweeps" carries a self-deprecating implication. Every year, the WB arranges sweeps in November, May, and February to more accurately gauge viewership. Airing during the February sweeps, this episode signaled Mary's first return from Buffalo.

Goofs & Errors[]

  • In a prior episode from the fifth season "Blind," Eric and Annie compelled Simon to remove his earring as he had pierced his ear without telling them. However, in this episode, Simon is shown wearing two earrings.


Main Cast[]

Featured in the opening credits are:


  • Sami Simkin as Sasha Simpson