7th Heaven
Sometimes That's Just The Way It Is
Season 3, Episode 17
Sometimes That's Just The Way It Is
Air date March 1, 1999
Written by Linda Ptolemy
Directed by Kevin Inch
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"Sometimes That's Just The Way It Is" is the seventeenth episode of the 3rd season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 10.01 million viewers.


Eric counsels a couple on the verge of divorce, Ted and Emily. Matt decides to join the Army without consulting his parents about it, although he can't join the Army because he's not fully qualified for the job. In addition, Mary and Lucy are desperate to get out of the house and later get into a car accident with Ted who was driving drunk when going out to get more beer for his new apartment. Also, Simon tries to find his red-lightning ring to get out of his bad luck as being the new middle child of the family now. He will even try chain letters to get out of it. Lastly, Ruthie tries her best to get peoples attention when their focuses are on the new babies.


  • Both Corbin Bernsen and Amanda Pays guest stars in this episode. Like their characters in this episode, they are both married in real life.


  • Catherine Hicks, who played Annie Camden on 7th Heaven, was quoted saying that although she generally agrees with the values the show promotes, she didn't like that Matt is coerced into leaving the Army in this episode. She believes that "a year of boot camp is healthy."
  • This episode features actress Amanda Pays, who plays a character from The Flash. Interesting enough, in this episode, Simon is concerned about losing his "Red Lightning" ring, which is modeled from the Green Lantern's ring, but has the logo of The Flash.

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