7th Heaven

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Season 7 is the seventh season of 7th Heaven. It ran from September 16th, 2002 until May 19th, 2003.

Main cast[]

Recurring cast[]

Episode list[]

No. in series No. in season Title Director Writer(s) Original air date Episode Description
133 1 Monkey Business Tony Mordente Brenda Hampton September 16, 2002
134 2 Monkey Business Deux Joel J. Feigenbaum Brenda Hampton September 23, 2002 Simon starts a dating service. Mary and Jack are planning to move to Florida. Annie and Eric have their hands full with family events.
135 3 The Enemy Within Harry Harris Brenda Hampton September 30, 2002 Ken Smith threatens the church because he disapproves of Mary's relationship with his son; Ben reads Lucy's diary; Simon's former girlfriend is rumoured to be pregnant.
136 4 Bowling for Eric Tony Mordente Brenda Hampton, Sue Tenney October 7, 2002 Eric is told he has to have open heart surgery and is faced with telling Annie and the family.
137 5 The Heart of the Matter Paul Snider Brenda Hampton, Sue Tenney October 14, 2002 Eric has double bypass surgery and most of the family waits for results at the hospital. Ruthie stays home to watch the twins. Lucy tells her parents she is ready to accept a wedding proposal, but Kevin is no longer ready to propose.
138 6 Regarding Eric Joel J. Feigenbaum Brenda Hampton, Sue Tenney Oct 21, 2002 Eric is recovering from surgery at home and starting to get restless. Annie tells everyone in the family to talk to Eric about their problems so he will fell useful. Lucy's friend Paul asks her to convince his parents to let him travel.
139 7 Gabrielle Come Blow Your Horn Tony Mordente Brenda Hampton November 4, 2002 The Colonel sends a nutty old lady to help the Camdens.
140 8 Peer Pressure Bradley M. Gross Brenda Hampton, Barry Watson November 11, 2002 While still recovering from surgery, Eric decides to spy on the new associate pastor. Ruthie is caught with her boyfriend when she is supposed to be babysitting. Kevin's ex-wife appears.
141 9 Lost Souls Harry Harris Brenda Hampton November 18th, 2002 Since the new associate pastor is doing a good job, Eric decides to give up his job as pastor, and tires of everyone asking him for advice. Kevin and Roxanne seem to have a good working relationship and this worries Lucy.
142 10 A Cry for Help Tony Mordente Brenda Hampton, Sue Tenney November 24th 2002 Eric becomes the new DJ for a college radio station and he is immediately is involved in a suicide call by a student. Lucy continues to be upset about the partnership of Kevin with Roxanne.
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