7th Heaven
Say A Little Prayer For Me
Season 4, Episode 16
Say A Little Prayer For Me
Air date February 21, 2000
Written by Brenda Hampton
Directed by Harry Harris
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"Say A Little Prayer For Me" is the sixteenth episode of the 4th season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 7.07 million viewers.


Reverend Camden encourages his congregation and his family to trust in prayer when he receives an anonymously given letter. Mary prays that she will be able to get back together with Robbie even after what he did. Simon prays that he can repair his relationship with Deena's parents even after giving her a hickey. Ruthie tries praying for a pony and Lucy gets upset when strangers judge her for being a teenage mother when she takes the twins for a walk. Matt and John pray for female companionship. Eric tries to locate a child who wrote him an inspiring letter, but was left unsatisfied.


  • This episode ends with a prayer from Eric that touches on the theme of this episode: "Please say a prayer today for the millions of children in the world who have become victims of violence. Violence at home, violence in the streets, and violence in their schools. Please ask God to help those children who are trying to recover from the death of playmate or a friend or a family member... Please ask God to heal those families whose lives have been ripped apart because of a violent injury or death. Please pray for the children everywhere, pray that they might have peace—if we won't stop the violence in our children's lives by taking the right actions and by behaving responsibly, then the very least we owe them might be the most powerful thing we can give them, our prayers."


  • The letter that Eric received says: "Dear man who works for God, I need your prayer this Sunday. Two years ago my brother was killed by a boy who brought a gun to school. After that my dad started drinking again after being sober for almost seven years. That meant my mom had to start working two jobs. I take care of my baby sister and I walk her to school but it's scary to think someone could shoot us too and I'm afraid nothing is ever going to change unless people like you ask God for help for people like me."

Goofs & Errors[]

  • Everyone automatically assume that Lucy was the mother of the twins and not their older sister/babysitter/nanny/au-pair despite not being realistic.

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