7th Heaven

Roxanne Richardson is a character in the WB Television Network show 7th Heaven. Roxanne was introduced as a rookie officer of the Glenoak Police Department in season 7, partnered with the newly transfered Kevin Kinkirk.

Roxanne was portrayed by Rachel Blanchard in seasons 7 and 8.


Roxanne was raised in Glenoak as an only child by a single father after her mother was murdered by a gunman. Her father was also a police officer with the Glenoak Police Department until resigning in season 7 after shooting his wife's suspected killer who was carrying out an armed robbery. She attended the same middle school as Robbie Palmer.

Upon being introduced into the show, Roxanne immediately becomes a target of Lucy Camden's jealousy. Roxanne briefly dates Robbie and has a passing interest in her partner Kevin whom she asks to kiss her, though it's quickly revealed she was just attracted to the way he felt about Lucy. Roxanne spends much of season 7 dating the new associate pastor at the Camdens' church, Chandler Hampton.


Chandler Hampton[]

Roxanne and Chandler begin dating in the season 7 episode Sundays. They almost got enaged on Valentine's Day the same season, but Roxanne asked Chandler to postpone the question once she knew Kevin was planning to propose to Lucy the same night at the same restaurant.

Lucy Camden[]

Lucy and Roxanne initially had a very rocky relationship as a result of Lucy's insecurities over Roxanne and Kevin working together. Lucy's hatred of Roxanne extends so far that she initially wants to interfere with each of Roxanne's major attempts to date other people. After Kevin and Lucy's engagement, the two are able to become good friends.

Kevin Kinkirk[]

Kevin and Roxanne were partnered together at the Glenoak Police Department, and enjoyed a good friendship together. At one point, Roxanne asked Kevin to kiss her,