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7th heaven

Rosina Glass is Sarah Glass mother on 7th heaven. Rosina and her husband Richard are very protective of their daughter Sarah. Mostly they want their daughter Sarah to marry a Jewish guy to carry a Jewish faith, when they meet Matt. Mostly Richard wanted Sarah to marry a Jewish guy. At first they got off the wrong foot. Once she met Matt, she really love the guy. Mostly she was the straight man, next to Richard antics not wanting Sarah to marry Matt. Even though, Matt was converting to Judaism, so he can marry Sarah. Even though Richard and Rosina were unaware that Matt and Sarah eloped and married back then. But they lied and told them they we're engaged. They did, spent the whole sixth season pretending to be engaged so Richard and Eric marry them the right way. They did. The whole sixth was like Father of the Bride movie. Richard and Rosina Glass, were like George and Nina Banks.

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