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Robbie Palmer is a fictional character on the WB Television Network show 7th Heaven. He first came into the show when he met Mary through Community Service, when they were both sentenced to clean up trash. He becomes part of the family when he resided with the Camden's for a while when he became homeless, until later leaving to go to Florida to help his sick mother.


Robbie was arrested for drinking underage with some friends and avoided serious punishment by doing community service. He took the blame for his brother even though he claimed the alcohol didn't belong to him. While doing community service, he met Mary. Both talked on the phone in secret until Mary told Lucy about him. When Eric and Annie found out about Robbie, they gave Mary's plea to be allowed to date Robbie into consideration. In the end, they decided Mary should focus on finishing her community service but can still talk to Robbie phone (since he also went to to a different school than she did). While talking on the phone, Mary tried to convince Robbie to come by the house so they can get to know each other better and her parents could also get to know him. Robbie hesitated because he thought Eric would never approve of him. Eric still had his doubts about Mary and Robbie but came around and convinced Robbie to come by the house. After some time, Robbie had pleaded Mary to persuade her parents to let them go out on an actual date. Mary got permission if it was a double date and short time. Robbie convinced his brother while Mary convinced Lucy. The date ended with both sisters making out with the brothers.

Robbie season 5

Robbie in season 5

After a while, Robbie convinced Eric and Annie to let him take Mary to the coffee shop where his parents met for Valentine's Day. However, it was revealed that he lied and the coffee shop turned out to be a motel and Mary punched him before leaving.[1] He came back a few months later trying to win her back. The two couple reconciles, becomes engaged, and makes plans to live together. But she broke up with him when she found out he had been dating other people behind her back when Robbie's other girlfriend, Cheryl, saw him and Mary together and went to Mary herself to tell her to get back at Robbie.

Robbie returns to Camden a few months later with Cheryl, asking Eric if he will marry them because she is pregnant (which is not true). They were living together in Cheryl's apartment.[2] However, they didn't get married and split up soon after that. Eric meets Robbie again later, who is now homeless and living on the streets.[3] Robbie tells Eric that he is studying hard in school, but that he and Cheryl split up recently. Eric invites Robbie to a restaurant for coffee, where Robbie explains that Cheryl kicked him out of her house; his mom lost her house soon after; he can't go to Florida with his mom because he has school; his car got towed away; and there is no room for him at any shelters. The only thing Robbie can focus on right now is finishing school. When Eric points out how different Mary's situation was from Robbie's own summer experience, it accidentally slips out that Mary was dating over the summer too--but he broke up with her because she wouldn't go back to school like he did. So Eric invites Robbie back to stay at the Camden house— which does not go over well with the rest of his family at first. But eventually they all come to treat Robbie like a member of their own family. He even starts dating Mary again and she plans to come home from New York for the summer to be with him— until her old boyfriend Wilson West comes begging for her back. She chooses Wilson over Robbie and leaves him heartbroken once more.[4]

Robbie season 6

Robbie in season 6

While Robbie is still getting over his break-up with Mary, he starts to date Lucy. She had just broken up with her fiancé Jeremy and the two of them hit it off with both of them being on the rebound.[5] However, they only date for a short time before things start to feel awkward between them. So Robbie moves on and begins dating Joy Reyes instead. This makes both Mary and Lucy jealous of Joy so they each try to win him back--but Joy breaks up with Robbie in the end. Once again, he's left heartbroken but eventually begins dating Roxanne Richardson, someone he's known since grade school. However, this is short lived as he ends up moving away from Camden to go live in Florida and take care of his sick mother.


Robbie has a rebellious personality. He is also charming and persuasive, which helps him get what he wants from people. He can be manipulative, as seen when he lied to Mary about going to the coffee shop on Valentine's Day. Robbie is also impulsive and spontaneous, which sometimes gets him into trouble. Even though Robbie has been through some tough times - such as being homeless and living on the streets - he doesn't give up easily. Robbie is a likable guy overall, but he has made some mistakes in his life. He has been arrested for drinking underage and lied to Mary about going to the coffee shop on Valentine's Day. Robbie also has a bit of a rebellious streak, which can sometimes get him into trouble. He seemed to have made a complete turn after Eric gave him a home and became very close to the Camden's, practically being their second son.



  • Ed Palmer (father)
  • Sally Palmer (mother)


  • Ronald Palmer (step-brother)
  • Rick Palmer (brother)

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Robbie appeared in a total of 48 episodes in 7th Heaven.

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  • Adam LaVorgna, who portrayed Robbie, left the show permanently for unknown reasons in the seventh season. It was finally revealed in We Do that he left to Florida to take care of his sick mother, 9 episodes after his last episode appearance in Peer Pressure.