7th Heaven
Nobody Knows
Season 3, Episode 11
Nobody Knows
Air date January 11, 1999
Written by Brenda Hampton & Catherine LePard
Directed by Harry Harris
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"Nobody Knows" is the eleventh episode of the third season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 7.42 million viewers.


Mary gets her driver's license but can't parallel park. She fake-cries during the test, so the teacher passes her anyway. Simon learns that his girlfriend Deena had leukemia when she was five years old that went away, however, she has to go for a check-up every year to make sure the disease didn't come back, which worries both of them. Ruthie calls a woman she thinks is a psychic and asks if Deena is going to be all right. Lastly, Eric's sister Julie is back in Glen Oak and has a new job. Eric and Matt want to help her get settled in Glen Oak, but they are trying to help a little too much.



  • Phyllis Diller, who played Mabel in this episode, later went on to star as Gabrielle in Season 7.
  • The license of the Camden's station wagon is "3APP367". This is revealed when Mary practices parallel parking with Matt.
  • Mabel is mistakenly labeled a psychic by Ruthie. In Boy Meets World a few years before, the actress who plays Mabel (Phyllis Diller) plays a psychic who somehow makes many accurate predictions.

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