7th Heaven


"No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'N Roll" is the 8th episode of the third season of the WB Television Network's most popular television series 7th Heaven. The episode first aired on November 16, 1998.The episode focuses on the dangers of addiction, being in a psychedelic high school band, and the mental and physical benefits of Hacky sack.

Synopsis Edit

The episode begins with Annie flying into yet another fit of rage after being interrupted by Lucy and Ruthie, physically restraining Ruthie and forcing her to expel her gum. Eric has miraculously recovered from being shot and receives a surprise visit from his stoner high school friends (including Peter Tork of The Monkees fame) he was once in band with, albeit a terrible one.

The band, The Flower & Vegetable Show, is staying at the Camden home — they have parked their trailer on the front lawn. Meanwhile, Simon starts to drink coffee and becomes very addicted. Lucy continues to be on the phone constantly talking to, Jordan, while Ruthie is constantly chewing gum.

One evening, Eric approaches his former band mates, suspecting them of smoking marijuana. After hearing this news Annie's urges for anonymous sex and drugs come flooding back, but she restrains herself for the sake of her unborn twins.

Later in the episode, Mary finds out that one of her friends from the basketball team, Diane, is taking natural pills to boost her energy and that everyone else on the team is taking them. Mary then decides to take a few pills herself when overhearing Matt in a conversation about his bottle of natural pills. Eric then yells at Matt when finding pills in his room. Matt says that he got it from a friend, but he did not take any yet.Mary then tells her father that she got the same pills from her friend Diane. When Eric tries to talk to Diane and her father, they do not listen to him. Later that evening, while Eric and Annie are jamming at the band's concert, Diane has a sudden heart attack when playing basketball with Mary at the playground.