7th Heaven
No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll
Season 3, Episode 8
No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll
Air date November 16, 1998
Written by Sue Tenney
Directed by David J. Plenn
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"No Sex, Some Drugs and a Little Rock 'n' Roll" is the eighth episode of the 3rd season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 8.24 million viewers.


Eric's former rock and roll band comes to town for a concert, but he is concerned about their possible drug habits - and Annie isn't too pleased about their influence on the kids. Elsewhere, a friend from Mary's basketball team faces a life-or-death situation with no real concern for the consequences. In addition, one of Matt's classmates gives him some natural energy boosters. Meanwhile, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie face an addiction.


  • The episode focuses on the dangers of addiction, being in a psychedelic high school band, and the mental and physical benefits of natural supplements as well as the dangers.
  • This episode also received a PRISM Certificate of Merit, which is is given to a production that the PRISM committee thought was good, but didn't think was great enough to give a PRISM Commendation or PRISM award to. The Annual Prism Awards is a ceremony that honors the creative community for their accurate portrayals of substance abuse, addiction and mental health in entertainment programming. This event recognizes those who have helped to break down the stigma surrounding these issues through their work in film, television, and new media.


  • The United States banned the Ephedra dietary supplement on December 30, 2003, because it was linked to deaths and heart attacks as shown in the episode.
  • The band in this episode shares its name with Stephen Collins' real-life band, The Flower & Vegetable Show.
  • Peter Tork, who plays Chris in this episode, is from the former comedy/rock group The Monkees.

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