7th Heaven

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No Funerals and a Wedding
Season One, Episode 4
Air date October 7, 1996
Written by Molly Newman
Directed by Mark Jean
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Following her mother's funeral, Annie's sunny demeanor turns to sadness, particularly after her father abruptly leaves to go back home in Arizona. Eric tries to counsel a young couple whose marital problems escalate during the post-funeral reception at the Camden home. Matt helps with the delivery of Renee's baby and after Mary breaks up with Jeff she discovers she was better off with Jeff. Lastly, Simon tries to find the exact location of heaven.


  • The title is a reference to the movie Four funerals and a wedding.


  • Ruthie: Mommy? Can we sing Grandma's song now?
  • Annie: Yes, sweetie. Tell you what. We'll go upstairs, we'll wash our faces, we'll get into our jammies, and I'll sing you Grandma's song.

  • Ruthie: Mommy, are you always going to be here?
  • Annie: What do you mean?
  • Ruthie: Are you going to pass away like Grandma?
  • Annie: Someday I will. But not for a very long time, so you shouldn't worry, OK?
  • Ruthie: OK.
  • Annie: And I can promise you this. As long as I am here, no matter how old you get, you will always be able to count on me. I will always be there for you no matter what.

  • Annie: Mary, I would appreciate it if you wouldn't act so mature while I'm trying desperately to feel sorry for myself.

  • Lucy: It's not fair. Grandma should be here. It's like there's a party and she wasn't invited.
  • Eric: Luce, I know it's weird having all these people here, and all this food, but...it's not really a party. It's just people who cared about your grandma and your mom, who are trying to...
  • Lucy: I don't mean today, Dad. I mean life. It's going on without her. It just isn't fair.

  • Annie: I can't believe Daddy.
  • Eric: He's still in shock. He's not himself.
  • Annie: No. Unfortunately, he's exactly himself.

  • Simon: Nobody seems to know where you go when you die.
  • Ruthie: I know where.
  • Simon: You don't either.
  • Ruthie: Uh huh!
  • Simon: Fine, where?
  • Ruthie: I don't know the name, but I know it's where I was before I was born.
  • Simon: You were in Mommy's stomach before you were born.
  • Ruthie: No, before that.
  • Simon: I don't know where that is. I can't picture Grandma there.
  • Ruthie: Picture Grandma right here, in your heart.

  • Annie: Simon, honey, we've talked about Heaven, remember? It's a place where good people go where they're surrounded by so much love.
  • Simon: Yeah, but I need to know where that is, Mom.
  • Annie: Oh. Well, it's...it's up there.
  • Simon: I was hoping you'd be a little more specific than that.