7th Heaven

Martin Brewer (b. 1987) is a fictional character on the WB Television Network's most popular television series 7th Heaven. He is from the fictional town of Glen Oak, California


Martin Brewer is the only son of Marine Beau Brewer. Martin's mother died when he was very young. Afterward he lived with his aunt Betsy until he was 16. During Martin's sophomore year in high school the Brewers moved to Glen Oak, California. Martin literally walked into the Camden's life by chance.

Martin followed Ruthie Camden and her boyfriend, Peter, to the Camden house. Everyone assumed that he was a friend of Simon's, while Simon thought that he was there to see his father. While Martin's aunt Betsy, an aspiring fashion designer, wanted the two of them to move to New York, Reverend Camden managed to convince her to let Martin stay with them so as not to uproot him again.

Martin's favorite sport is baseball and he has been scouted by both colleges and professional baseball teams. One team even offered him a contract during his sophomore year in high school, which he ultimately turned down to complete his education. Martin lived with the Camdens for 2 years before his father's tour in Iraq finally ended and he returned home.

Over the summer, Martin meets Sandy when he visits Simon at college. They have sex and Martin avoided her following the one night fling. A pregnant Sandy showed up in Glen Oak at the end of the summer and confronted Martin. Martin continued to avoid Sandy as he persued a relationship with Meredith (Cecilia’s soon to be adopted sister). Martin goes to Lucy to seek counsel on how he should handle the pregnancy. Martin attempted to finally tell his father after all of the Camdens (except Ruthie) find out about the pregnancy. When trying to tell him, his father assumes the news is that he is joining the Marines and Martin lies to avoid telling him. Martin goes to Reverend Camden to ask for his help talk to his father about the pregnancy.

After talking to his father, his father tells him he needs to tell Meredith and Ruthie. Martin avoids telling them but finally builds the courage to tell Meredith. They break up even though they love each other because Meredith wants normal. Later, he tries to tell Ruthie about Sandy and the baby but it interrupted when she addressed Martin telling Jack he can’t date her no matter what Reverend Camden said. Rumors start flying at school and Martin tries again to tell Ruthie about the baby but she refuses to speak to him. During dinner preparations, Sam and David let it slip that Martin is having a baby with Sandy. Ruthie refuses to believe it and insists they are dating, until Martin explains to her and she breaks down and demands he leave. Martin extends an olive branch to Sandy at Thanksgiving Dinner and brings her a plate of food and glances over at Ruthie and walks away.

A few days after Thanksgiving, Martin runs into Sandy when he was trying to find Ruthie. The conversation was short but he went to find Ruthie and she expressed her anger with him. Martin admitted he knew Ruthie had a crush on him, as she is trying to get him out of the house Jack shows up. Martin and Jack hash it out and Martin realizes he may have gotten the information wrong and decides to leave. After leaving, he is confronted by Kevin and the fight in the backyard, where he expresses that he cannot be nice to Sandy because he is angry and does not want to have a baby.

Martin graduates a semester early and, with the assistance of Eric and his high school baseball coach, starts college. He now lives near Sandy and their son. While Martin is not in the season ten finale, Sandy makes an appearance after the failed wedding of Simon and Rose. It ends with Sandy telling Simon she needs to speak with him (Much speculation surrounded this, that it was in fact Simon's baby). Ruthie falls in love with Martin in the meantime. Finally, near the end of the series, Martin declares his love for Ruthie, but then Ruthie had to choose between Martin and T-Bone. At the end, despite all they have been through, she decides to go with T-Bone, leaving Martin heartbroken.



  • Beau Brewer (Father)
  • Annie Brewer (Mother; deceased)

Other relatives[]

  • Aaron Brewer (paternal grandfather; deceased)
  • Betsy Brewer (aunt)
  • Aaron Jameson Brewer (son)

Significant others[]

  • Meredith Davies Smith (ex-girlfriend)
  • Sandy Jameson (one night fling; son's mother)
  • Zoe (ex-girlfriend)
  • Cecilia Smith (ex-girlfriend)


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