7th Heaven
Like a Harlot
Season 2, Episode 20
Like a Harlot
Air date April 27, 1998
Written by Sue Tenney
Directed by Joel J. Feigenbaum
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"Like a Harlot" is the twentieth episode of the 2nd season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 6.08 million viewers.


Eric asks Matt to take his friend's daughter to the senior prom, but he is unaware of her reputation of her being a harlot. Eric gets "Snappy the Stegosaurus" tickets from his ex-girlfriend for Ruthie. Meanwhile, Simon is uncomfortable after viewing a school film on the 'facts of life' in school while Ruthie learns the truth about her costume character hero. Also, Mary and Lucy trick their way into a date with boys they don't know, but the joke's on them when it backfires.


  • Guest-star Dawn Jeffory Nelson (Snappy) in this episode guest starred in season one in the episode Brave New World. She played another character named Mrs. Miller who was Ruthie's kindergarten teacher.
  • Dawn Jeffory-Nelson in this episode in real life was Mackenzie's Rosman's (Ruthie Camden) tutor/acting coach in real life on the set.

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