7th Heaven
Life and Death: Part 1
Season 7, Episode 21
Life and Death Part 1
Air date May 12, 2003
Written by Brenda Hampton, Chris & Jeff Olsen
Directed by Tony Mordente
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"Life and Death Part 1" was the twenty-first episode of the 7th season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, the episode scored 7.05 million viewers. Jessica Biel and Barry Watson are in this episode.


Eric flies to New York in a last attempt to convince Chandler's dying father to make peace with Chandler before it's too late. Meanwhile, Matt and Sarah suspect that she might be pregnant and Matt's co-worker lets the news slip to Eric; Lucy fears she might also be pregnant, which causes her to panic and push Kevin away; Mary tries to find Eric to tell him that she did something stupid; Lucy offers her classmate Christine a temporary place to live, unaware that she's hiding a big secret; Simon is crushed when Cecilia refuses to go to the prom with him; and no one can understand why Ruthie is acting especially strange.


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