7th Heaven
Let's Talk About Sex
Season 3, Episode 9
Let's Talk About Sex
Air date November 23, 1998
Written by Brenda Hampton
Directed by Tony Mordente
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"Let's Talk About Sex" is the ninth episode of the 3rd season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 8.19 million viewers.


Eric and Annie are taking prenatal classes--- for the sixth time. Annie helps two teenage girls get through their pregnancy while Eric helps the two teenage fathers deal with the news and finding a job. Simon is taking babysitting classes and gets his first job babysitting Ruthie, although it doesn't go quite the way he expected it to. Meanwhile, Mary is sneaking to a coed basketball sleep over. Plus, Lucy is thinking of having sex with Jordan to see if he's really attracted to her, but it blows in her face. Lastly, Matt has to do research on sex for his class and is having trouble over finding a topic.



Goofs & Errors[]

  • Mary mentioned that she was going to Cory's house, but in a later episode, we learn that Cory is a teen mom. And when Mary asks how she kept it a secret she said she never had friends come over to her house. How wouldn't Mary notice her daughter?

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