7th Heaven
Season 5, Episode 13
Air date February 5th, 2001
Written by Brenda Hampton & Sue Tenney
Directed by Tony Mordente
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Kiss is the thirteenth episode of the 5th season and the 101th episode overall of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 7.23 million viewers, leading the WB and earning 79th place for the week nationally.[1]


After their lackluster attempt at kissing, Mike and Lucy agree to be friends and to fix each other up on dates but the plan bothers Lucy more than she anticipated. Meanwhile, Matt's in a huff over John and Robbie's newfound friendship and feels slighted by the family. Eric also continues to feel alienated from his family when they keep going to Annie for advice. Also, Annie feels slighted when Ruthie plays an un-funny joke when the twins recognize her as their "mama".


Lucy and Mike are outside discussing their agreement that they would share a kiss when Lucy receives her college acceptance letter. As they lean in for the anticipated kiss, an unexpected twist occurs, leading to a disappointing realization for both of them - they lack any romantic chemistry. Mike expresses that the kiss felt more like kissing a sister, indicating the complete absence of any romantic spark between them. Mike then tries to request a favor from Lucy, which triggers her anger. In a last-ditch attempt, Lucy tries to try another kiss, hoping that something might change, but the outcome remains unchanged. Frustrated and filled with anger, Lucy retreats into the house.

Lucy is searching throughout the house, looking for Annie, room by room. She coincidentally encounters Eric, who has just arrived. Lucy mentions that she wants to discuss a "guy thing" with Annie, and they both hurry upstairs. Eric expresses his eagerness to assist Lucy, reminding her that she doesn't always have to rely on Annie for advice when it comes to matters concerning guys because he is also a guy. Lucy opens up to Eric about her situation with Mike, and how he compared kissing her to kissing his sister. Inadvertently, Eric blurts out a rather inappropriate "that's great," frustrating Lucy. Lucy heads to the bathroom, where she finds Annie. She tells Lucy that the twins, Sam and David, keep calling Ruthie mama but not Annie, the one who carried them for 9 months and their actual mama. Annie notices Lucy's distress and asks if something is wrong. Lucy brushes it off, suggesting that it can wait. Rushing past Ruthie, her suspicious behavior catches Lucy's attention. Downstairs, Robbie prepares to leave, putting on his jacket, when Matt enters. Robbie informs him that he's heading to the pool hall to play some pool with John. Matt becomes insecure and upset, feeling left out because John invited Robbie to play pool, even though John is Matt's friend. Matt goes upstairs to Simon, asking what he's up to. Simon responds sarcastically and acts rudely. Matt shares his thoughts with Simon, expressing his frustration about Robbie not moving out and "stealing" their friends and family. Matt questions why Robbie has to take away their friends and family if he already has his own. Matt invites Simon to play pool, but Simon declines, claiming to be studying for a test, and suggests playing pool the following night. Meanwhile, at the pool hall, Robbie asks John about how things are going living with Priscilla at their apartment. John initially lies, but Robbie sees through it, and John confesses his true feelings on how it's miserable living with her. John asks for advice, and Robbie tells him to be honest with Priscilla and to share what bothers him and work through their issues together. Back at the house, Eric attempts to spend time with Simon, but Simon tells him that he is studying and has no time. Simon tells him Matt was looking for someone to play pool with, prompting Eric to rush to the bedroom. Matt, however, has changed his mind about playing pool and reveals his feelings towards Robbie for stealing his invitation and best friend. Eric recognizes Matt's jealousy and offers to talk, but Matt refuses, denying his jealousy and asserting that he and John are just friends. Eric then heads to the attic where Lucy is. He apologizes for his earlier comment and reiterates his availability to talk and assist if needed. The phone rings, and it's Mike. He proposes setting Lucy up with someone, but Lucy dismisses it as a petty offer. Mike insists it's not petty and wants something in return - to fix him up with a classmate named Elaina Casey. Lucy silently signals Ruthie to look for Elaina's picture in the yearbook. Mike informs Lucy that he knows a friend from another school who he will call the following day to give him Lucy's number, believing that they would make a good match. Lucy agrees to speak to Elaina on Mike's behalf. After Mike hangs up, Eric returns to the attic, and Lucy tells him about the plan to set Mike up with a girl while he sets her up with a guy she doesn't know. Eric offers his perspective, stating that you can gauge what someone thinks of you based on who they try to set you up with. He reassures Lucy that he's available if they need assistance or simply want to talk. Ruthie shows Lucy the yearbook, revealing that Elaina has bad acne on her face.

Annie brings the twins to their bedroom, attempting to get them to call her "mama," but her efforts are in vain. Feeling disheartened, she goes to her own bedroom, where she finds Eric who is upset. Before Eric can express what is bothering him, Annie interrupts and shares her frustration about none of the other kids ever failing to call her "mama." She questions whether she is spending enough time with the children, considering her spending too much time going back to school, and labels herself a bad mother. Eric comforts her with a hug. At John's apartment, he enters to find the room completely redecorated, with Priscilla standing there. Overwhelmed, John is at a loss for words, and instead of saying he doesn't like it, they simply kiss. Back at the house, Ruthie approaches the twins and asks them who she is. They start calling her "momma," and Ruthie happily gives them cookies while they excitedly respond. Simon silently observes from his bedroom as Ruthie continues practicing for the twins to call her "momma," and she rewards them with cookies. The next morning, Ruthie comes downstairs, and the twins immediately call her "momma," much to Annie's surprise. Ruthie leaves for school, and Eric joins Annie downstairs. He attempts to engage in a conversation with Annie, asking if she succeeded in getting the twins to call her "momma." However, Annie does not answer and walks away. Eric gives cookies to the twins, and they start calling him "momma," but he stops them, knowing it would only upset Annie. John tries to talk to Matt at the hospital, but Matt remains angry at him and walks away. At school, Lucy approaches Elaina and introduces herself. She informs Elaina that Mike wants to ask her out, but Elaina initially believes it to be a prank. Lucy reassures her, explaining that Mike has tried to approach her directly but she walks away every time, so he asked Lucy to ask her out for him. Elaina eventually believes Lucy and expresses admiration for Mike's intelligence, musical talents, and piano-playing skills. Lucy starts feeling slightly uncomfortable with her not knowing Mike plays piano and starts to realize how great of a guy she missed out on. Elaina questions if she and Mike were dating, to which Lucy responds that they tried but lacked chemistry and are now just friends. Elaina further compliments Mike on his ability to date someone, have it not work out, and still remain friends. Ultimately, Elaina accepts Mike's offer and walks away. Simon approaches Lucy, expressing his increased respect for Mike as he sees beyond physical appearances, alluding to Elaina's acne. He mentions how she missed out on a good guy and compliments Mike, which upsets Lucy. Lucy admits that she will let Mike go, learn from her mistakes, and move on. Eric visits Matt at the hospital while he's working and asks if he has time for a cup of coffee. Matt declines since he doesn't have any time, and Eric proceeds to share his feelings, expressing how he feels left out when the family always turns to Annie for help instead of him and confesses his jealousy towards Annie. Eric hoped that by discussing his own petty and jealous feelings, Matt would open up about his own. Matt reveals that he isn't jealous of Robbie but of John. They both realize their lack of confidence and make a pact to never speak of their conversation again. In the kitchen of the house, Annie tries to demonstrate to Ruthie that the twins will call her "momma," but they don't but still calls Ruthie momma. Ruthie asks the twins if any of the other kids ever called the ones before them "momma," but Annie says no. Back at school, Mike expresses his gratitude to Lucy for talking to Elaina and tells her that they planned a date for that evening. Mike describes Elaina as highly intelligent and very talented in music. Lucy gets jealous and passionately kisses him. Unbeknownst to them, Elaina witnesses the kiss and quickly flees the area. Lucy remarks to Mike that the kiss was definitely not like kissing a sibling, but Mike insists that it's too late and he still intends to go out with Elaina. The following night, Mike comes by the house and appears upset. He tells Lucy that Elaina stood him up. He asks if Lucy said anything to Elaina but she says she hasn't. Simon enters the room, and Lucy asks him the same question, but he denies any involvement. Mike questions why Lucy asked Simon, as Simon would have no reason to be involved. Lucy suggests that Simon might say that after she spoke to Elaina, she realized how much she cared about Mike and became jealous. Lucy admits that she didn't realize her feelings until it was too late, but Mike responds by saying she only wanted him once someone else showed interest. Mike declares that they are no longer friends and leaves. Robbie returns home, finding Matt and Simon in the kitchen. Matt informs Robbie that he and Simon are going to play pool. Simon invites Robbie to join them, but Robbie declines, citing that he has been getting slack from the Camdens because of interference in their family and friends' relationships, hinting at Matt's jealousy. Matt asks if John or Eric said anything to Robbie, but Robbie reveals that he figured it out on his own and suggests that hanging out with John might not have been a good idea. Robbie tells him that John needed to get out as he has been struggling since Matt left. Matt asks if there's a specific reason why John is having a hard time living with Priscilla, but Robbie advises him to talk to John directly. Matt asks if Robbie misses him, to which Robbie admits he believes he does. Simon suggests that Matt go talk to John while he and Robbie play pool, and Matt can join them later. Annie enters the kitchen and gives her approval for Simon to go to the pool hall with Robbie. They leave, and Matt asks Annie if anything is wrong. Annie opens up about her feelings of insecurity, specifically how the twins call Ruthie "momma" but not her. She confesses her jealousy towards Eric, as the kids refer to him as "dadda," and how all the other kids said "dadda" first and not "momma." When the twins finally say "momma," it's not directed at her. Matt bursts into laughter, leaving Annie confused. Matt explains that Eric is actually jealous of her. He explains that Eric believes all the kids love her the most and turn to her to solve their problems. Annie just tells him that's because Eric is busy solving other people's problems and she does all she can to lighten the load. Matt suggests that Annie should explain this to Eric instead of him and find a way to bring it up without giving away what Matt informed her.

At the pool hall, Simon encounters Elaina and approaches her. Elaina questions if he was part of a pathetic prank. Simon clarifies that when Lucy spoke to Mike, she began to have second thoughts and felt jealous. He explains that Mike is genuinely interested in Elaina, and not Lucy. Simon advises her to give Mike a chance to explain. He then offers to have Robbie drive them to the house, and Elaina agrees. Back at the house, in Eric's private office, Annie admits to feeling overwhelmed with going back to school and taking care of the twins, as they constantly turn to her with their problems. Eric sees through her and realizes that Matt told her about his jealousy. They both acknowledge their insecurities and Eric mentions that there has been a shift since Mary's departure. When she was there, they both felt needed when they were helping her, and they need to find a balance now that she was gone. They reconcile and share a kiss. Simon walks in and asks Eric for assistance with Elaina's problems. In the living room, Ruthie asks Elaina how she got acne, and Elaina explains, leading to further conversation between them. Priscilla greets Matt at the apartment door and Matt mentions that he couldn't find John at the hospital. However, before Matt can continue speaking, he bursts into laughter and mocks the newly decorated apartment. Matt suggests that John must have disliked it but pretended to like it to please Priscilla. He mentions that John prefers sleeping on elevated surfaces and even bought his old bunk beds from his mother. Priscilla questions why this amuses Matt so much, and he explains that John is miserable. Matt confesses that he was initially jealous that John would get married and forget about him, but now he sees how unhappy John truly is. Matt continues laughing about the apartment. Back at the house, Elaina expresses her happiness and newfound self-confidence to Eric. She shares how she realizes she is funny, attractive, and maintains a high-grade average. Eric tells her that she doesn't really need him, to which Elaina clarifies that Simon just asked if she could confide in him about her problems. Mike and Lucy returned home, and Elaina inquires about what happened. Lucy explains that she acted out of jealousy and desperation. Elaina accepts their apologies and offers to go out for ice cream with Mike. As Mike leaves, he thanks Lucy and assures her that they are still friends. At the apartment, John arrives, and Priscilla immediately questions him about why he never told her that he dislikes the place. John apologizes and explains that he didn't want to hurt her feelings. Priscilla admits that she should have talked to him before making changes to the apartment. They apologize to each other, kiss, and reconcile. Simon runs into Lucy in the hallway and apologizes for interfering. Lucy reassures him that he was right, and that she shouldn't have acted impulsively when she kissed Mike at school. Annie overhears the twins calling someone "momma" and rushes to them, only to find Ruthie there. Annie asks why the twins are calling her "momma," and Simon explains that Ruthie taught them to do so and gave them a cookie when they said it. At the pool hall, Matt arrives, and Robbie explains where Simon went. Robbie also mentions that he didn't want Matt to show up when no one else was there. Matt tells Robbie about the appearance of the apartment, and John joins them. They continue playing pool and chatting.

Back at the house, Annie questions Ruthie about why she played that joke on her. She wonders if Ruthie did it because she felt left out, wanted attention, or because they hadn't been spending much time together. Unexpectedly, Ruthie admits that it was just a joke and she didn't realize Annie would take it so seriously. She reassures Annie that she isn't angry and was merely bored. They hug and Annie tells her to never do that again. Downstairs, Lucy confides in Eric that she apologized to Elaina, and she and Mike went on a date. She wonders if she will ever find someone for herself. Eric tells her that it will probably happen when she least expects it. Lucy explains that she has exciting senior activities like prom and graduation and wants a partner for those experiences. Eric asks what she will do while she waits for a partner, and Lucy responds that she has friends, family, and involvement in Habitat for Humanity. Eric tells her that she has a fulfilling life with or without a partner and that when she does find someone, he will be the luckiest guy in the world because he gets to be with Lucy. Lucy thanks him for the compliment. Mike and Elaina are at the Diary Shack, engaging in a conversation about how many children they would want. Back at the house, Lucy answers the door to an attractive guy named Jeremy. He explains that he is a friend of Mike's, and Mike had suggested setting them up. Lucy warmly welcomes Jeremy inside, and he compliments her on her looks. She invites him for some cocoa so they can chat.


  • David Lago, best known for his role as 'Raul Guittierez' on The Young and the Restless, makes his debut on 7th Heaven this season as a guest star. This will mark his first appearance out of five more appearances in this season. Additionally, David Lago will also guest star in two episodes during the sixth season.


  • Despite portraying the twins on the show for nearly two years, Zachary and Lorenzo Brino are finally being officially credited in this episode. In Season 6, they will be listed in the opening credits. Previously, there were quadruplets (Nikolas, Lorenzo, Zachary and Myrinda Brino) that would play the twins.


Main Cast[]

Featured in the opening credits are:

Guest Stars[]

  • Jeremy Lelliot as Mike Pierce
  • David Lago as Jeremy
  • Andrea Pearson as Priscilla Carter
  • Heather Ball as Elaina Casey