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Kevin Kinkirk (born April 19, 1977) is a character in 7th Heaven who is played by George Stults. He is first introduced as a police officer in a New York airport, and soon revealed to be Ben's older brother.

Kevin and Lucy set up a date as soon as they meet, and like each other so much they decide to pursue a long distance relationship (between New York and California). Kevin eventually transfers to the Glen Oak police force, and moves in with the Camdens. Kevin and Lucy eventually get engaged and marry each other, living together in the apartment over the garage and then moving into the house directly behind the Camdens' later.


In his past, Kevin's high school girlfriend thought she was pregnant, so they got married after they graduated. However, it turned out she wasn't actually pregnant and they divorced six months later. He ran into her again years later when he stopped her for speeding. [1]

While Mary and Lucy are flying to Buffalo for a weekend, Lucy meets Kevin, a police officer who confiscates her bag. He invites Lucy and Mary on a double-date with him and his brother. It is soon revealed that his brother is actually Ben Kinkirk, whom Mary met earlier in the season, and who also made Wilson West, Mary's boyfriend, leave her when he saw Mary and Ben kissing. Kevin eventually transfers to the Glenoak police force and moves in with the Camdens. In the seventh season, Kevin took over Matt's role as the big brother figure of the Camden family when Matt left for New York. Kevin also got a new partner, Roxanne Richardson, when he transferred to Glenoak. Lucy instantly became jealous as Kevin would have to be spending so much time with her. This jealously dragged on for some time, eventually, though, Lucy got over it and they even started having girls-nights-out where Lucy and Roxanne talk about what's going on in their lives.

Kevin and Lucy eventually get engaged when he proposed to her on Valentines Day and they get married, living together in the space over the garage and then moving into the house directly behind the Camdens at the end of season nine. They were still questioning if they should have children yet, when Lucy revealed to Kevin that she was already pregnant.[2] Kevin has a daughter with Lucy, named Savannah. Matt delivered her in a elevator while shopping.[3] While on duty, Kevin is almost shot and later decides to quit the police force and be a stay-at-home dad. He remains this way until near the end of the series. He convinces Lucy to adopt a Great Dane named Sampson, but Lucy also makes her own decision to adopt a tiny Yorkshire terrier named Delilah without consulting him first. It is revealed that Kevin and Lucy were expecting twin boys; however, Lucy has a miscarriage over the summertime. In the episode "Inked", Lucy and Kevin visit a town called Crossroads that is in need of a new minister and a new sheriff and they invite. Kevin has a talk with Captain Michaels about it and he tries to get Kevin to come back to the police force but Kevin later declines. Kevin accepts the offer for the sheriff position and Lucy accepts the Crossroads parish. In the series finale, Lucy tells Kevin that she became pregnant again.



  • Frank (stepfather)


  • Ben Kinkirk (younger brother)
  • Patty-Mary Kinkirk (younger sister)

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Kevin has appeared in a total of 113 episodes in 7th Heaven.

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  • Kevin's younger brother, Ben, is actually played by George Stults' real-life brother, Geoff Stults.