7th Heaven

John Hamilton is the eldest child of Reverend Morgan and his wife Patricia. He grew up in Glen Oak, California with three younger siblings: Keesha, Nigel and Lynn Hamilton. John became a main character featured in the opening credit song of the series during seasons four and five, along with moving into a studio apartment with Matt.


In 1996, the Hamilton Church was burned down and family friend and fellow Reverend Eric Camden took in the Hamiltons.[1] During this time, John and Matt did not really get along, while Keesha got along with Mary and Lucy. Simon Camden and John's younger brother Nigel became best friends later on, Ruthie and Lynn were best friends for a couple of years. He and Matt later moved into an apartment together in season 4.

Late in 2000 John meet Priscilla Carter who he fell head over heels for forcing Matt to move back home. On May 21st 2001 John and Priscilla were married in New York after the wedding was moved out east because of his grandmother's illness; it is thought that they remained together. John sadly lost touch with Matt afterwards although he was briefly mentioned before Matt's wedding to Sarah, when asked Robbie to be his best man stated that "out of town" implying had returned to California for college. However, John was never heard from again.

College Life and Living with Matt Camden[]

Upon high school graduation, John went to college in Tennessee for a year, but moved back to California to attend Crawford. He found an apartment with Matt Camden and the two became closer friends. They shared the rent of their studio apartment and worked at Glen Oak Community Hospital together. John and Matt had their own little life, facing some of the same problems as the other Camden kids. For example, Matt once got jealous of John's growing friendship with Shana, his girlfriend at the time. Another episode saw John confronting a politician who misquoted an African American inspirational leader.



  • Morgan Hamilton (father)
  • Patricia Hamilton (mother)


  • Keesha Hamilton (sister)
  • Nigel Hamilton (brother)
  • Lynn Hamilton (sister)

Marital status[]

  • Priscilla Carter (wife)


John has appeared in a total of 33 episodes of 7th Heaven.

Episodes featuring John Hamilton