7th Heaven
It's About George
Season 1, Episode 19
It's about george
Air date April 28, 1997
Written by Ron Zimmerman
Directed by Harry Harris
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"It's About George" is the nineteenth episode of the 1st season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 3.05 million viewers.


A visit from Eric's parents, strict Marines colonel John and his equally military wife, Ruth, strikes controlled terror among the grandkids, and even Jimmy Moon, who initially discarded Matt's accurate imitation of the usual boyfriend-grilling. They come to present George, the charming, manly boy they adopted from an orphanage. Eric discovers detective Will Grayson, whose death was faked in a witness protection program, is back in Glenoak after the crime king's death in prison. He claims his son, none other than George, back, as remains his legal right. After a fugue attempt from George, a creative compromise is devised. Matt meanwhile discovers aunt Julie is on the verge of an alcohol relapse.



  • This is the last episode written by Ron Zimmerman.

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