7th Heaven
In Praise of Women
Season 3, Episode 14
In praise of women
Air date February 8, 1999
Written by Brenda Hampton & Sue Tenney
Directed by Burt Brinckerhoff
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In Praise of Women is the fourteenth episode of the third season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 12.51 million viewers, this episode is also the highest-rated episode of not only season 3 but the whole series. In this episode Annie gives birth to Sam and David Camden.


Annie is rushed to the hospital when the time comes to give birth to the twins. During a difficult labor, Eric and Annie are forced to accept help from a source that they originally did not want. While Annie's giving birth, the kids spend the day hanging around the waiting room, trying to keep their minds occupied. In an attempt to find something to do, Matt debates whether or not to donate blood. Lucy considers ending her relationship with Jordan, then confides in Mary the reason why she started dating him in the first place. Ruthie tries (but not very hard) to accept that she is becoming a big sister, and Simon spends most of the day in the hospital chapel, praying feverishly for baby brothers. Meanwhile, Happy is alone in the house causing some mess and trouble.


Annie is at home, looking at her new crib for the twins when her deceased mother appears out of nowhere and gives her the strength she needs to go through the birth. At the hospital, Eric wakes her from her sleep, revealing that she has just dreamed of her mother helping her. In the waiting room, the kids are waiting for the twins to arrive and hold hands while waiting. Annie is in pain during the labor and Eric is trying to help her through the pain. Eric is concerned that he forgot to do something at the house. The next scene shows Happy at the house with the back door left open and the refrigerator door open also. Happy takes a turkey leg out of the refrigerator and walks off with it. Eric walks into the waiting room and tells the kids that it is going to take a long time for the babies to be born. The kids want to go exploring, but Eric tells them that they can't leave and need to stay seated. Eric advises them that they should sit and think about how the family will be changing. When Eric walks away, the kids leave to go do something else.

The doctor walks in and tells Annie that he thinks it may be time for a c-section. Annie is hesitant about this because she doesn't want to have surgery. The doctor leaves so Eric and Annie can discuss what they want to do next. Annie tells Eric to go find Dr. Hastings, which upsets him since he almost killed Matt when he was born prematurely. When Eric walks out of the room, Matt approaches him asking where he's going. Eric explains that Annie wants him to find Dr. Hastings and tells Matt that he should give blood since he and Annie have the same blood type. This makes Matt misunderstand and be scared about Annie's situation, thinking that his mother is in bad shape and needs blood. Eric explains that she is ok, but he should still give blood so he has something to do. As Mary walks to them, Matt tells Mary what Eric just told Matt. However, Mary isn't too thrilled with his lack of enthusiasm about giving blood and questions why Annie could give birth to twins but Matt can't get a needle stuck in his skin for blood. Matt then explains why women are "cursed" with the pain of childbirth by explaining Adam and Eve. Matt thinks that someone had to eat the forbidden fruit and that person would have to endure the pain of reproducing, Marry tells him that childbirth is a lot of things, but a "curse" is not one of them. Mary doesn't think that he is right and walks off, ridiculing him for not wanting to give blood.

At home, Happy is watching TV and eating a turkey leg. At the hospital, Mary walks up to Simon and asks where Ruthie is. Simon doesn't know where she is but he's more focused on hoping that two boys will be born. He's got a string over his stomach and explains to Mary that there's a myth you can tell if it's a boy or girl by which way the string moves. Mary tells him he has it all wrong—that this isn't how you find out the sex of a child. Simon then says being a woman must be hard and Mary reminds him that he just wants boys because when Matt leaves there will only be one boy in the house—and he will be the bigger brother to two boys. Ruthie arrives in Annie's room and tells her that she thinks the guys are afraid of the room. Annie tries to explain that there is nothing to be afraid of, but Ruthie asks why Annie was screaming. Annie just tells Ruthie to find Simon and Eric and tell them to return to the room. In a different part of the hospital, Lucy is looking at babies in the nursery when Matt approaches her and tells her he is looking for the blood bank. They stop looking at the babies and Matt sits with Lucy to talk about how you should be married before having babies. Lucy cries about her relationship with Jordan, telling Matt she doesn't think Jordan is the special one with who she marries and has a child.

In the hospital chapel, Simon prays to have two boys. He tells God that while he loves his older sisters, his dog which is a girl, and his mother, he really wants some boys. He also asks for Annie to be okay and to tell Grandma Jenny hello for him. He mentions that they will be singing the song that Matt sang to Annie when she brought Mary home from the hospital. Dr. Hank Hastings enters the delivery room and asks Annie if she is okay with him being present for the birth of her child. Annie explains that she would prefer to avoid a cesarean section, and believes that Dr. Hastings will be more likely to listen to her wishes than other doctors. Dr. Hastings tells Annie that it may still be possible to deliver the baby naturally, and assures her that he will do everything in his power to avoid performing a C-section unnecessarily. But if there are any problems, he won't hesitate to take out the babies in any way possible which includes a C-section. He then asks if she would like anything for the pain since it is slightly early in labor for the epidural, and Annie desperately says yes. Annie is singing in her room while high on pain medication when the nurse shows up and just looks at her strangely. Eric finds Matt in a room about to give blood. He asks why he is giving blood and tells him that he didn't mean it and that it was in a "moment of panic". Matt wants to get up, but he has already signed up for it, and if he just leaves he would look like a chicken. Eric offers to get him out of it by lying to the nurse and telling her Annie is about to give birth, but Matt declines saying that if Annie can give birth, he can stay and have a needle in his arm. The nurse comes asking if Matt's ready but Matt tells Eric not to leave him; clutching onto him as drags himself out of the room by Eric's arm.

Annie is still singing when Lucy is in the room and when she leaves, Annie calls Lucy, Ruthie. Matt and Eric walk up to Lucy and she asks why they are holding hands. Eric tells Matt to see how Annie is doing and Eric talks to Lucy about how Annie is acting weird. Lucy tells Eric about how she thinks they gave her too much pain medicine and how she talked to Dr. Hastings. Matt comes out of the room and asks Lucy about how she is doing with being away from Jordan on Valentine's Day. Lucy says she's sorta sad that she's so far away from Jordan when it's a special holiday. Ruthie bumps into Mary who asks her where she's going. Ruthie says she wants to go swimming, but Mary tells her that it probably won't be possible since they don't have a pool at the moment. Mary tells Ruthie that maybe if she had shown up sooner, they could've gone swimming. Ruthie then asks if women can be both mothers and astronauts and Mary reassures her that women can do anything men can do - and more. She goes on to tell Ruthie about how there are plenty of successful female astronauts out there who are also mothers. Right after that shot, Matt talks to Simon about women being able to do anything that men can, except men can't have babies Simon responds that some men can't even give blood, obviously mocking Matt for being afraid of giving blood. Matt asks why he wants more brothers if he's just going to turn on them too. But Simon explains that he wants to be a big brother to them so he can teach them things like Matt taught him when was younger. He goes on to list some things Matt taught him when he was younger and hopes he can teach his younger brothers those things too—if Annie gives boys. Simon tells Matt that he wants to be just like him. Matt starts getting a little teary-eyed and gives him a big hug and tells him that he just gave him the strength to give blood. Simon advises him to stop crying before giving blood. Back at the house, a cat has joined Happy in the house and the cat starts eating things off the floor.

Annie is going through labor pains when Simon shows up and asks them if he can get his ears pierced. Annie tells him to come back later. Matt tells the nurse that he has returned to give blood, and the nurse informs him that they still use needles for taking blood. Matt says he knows this and requests cookies—which he saw another person who had just given blood eating—but the nurse tells him that the cookies are intended for after giving blood. Dr. Hastings arrives and tells Annie she is getting close to delivery but notes one of the babies is positioned at a different angle than usual; Eric and Annie express concern but Dr. Hastings assures them both that everything will still be okay but it's still a complication. He says that he will have to turn the baby manually when it's time to give birth and he will do everything that he can to prevent anything bad from happening. Eric asks if she would still like a c-section, but Annie declines with a worried look on her face. In the waiting room, Ruthie tricks Simon into thinking the babies are girls, but Simon gets upset and tells her to stop. Simon tells Ruthie that it isn't funny but Ruthie still thinks it's hilarious. Dr. Hastings arrives and tells them that the other baby is still in a breech position, but everything will be okay. Eric wants to tell the kids, but Annie doesn't want him to go and Eric says he will tell them later.

After giving blood, Matt nervously shoves cookies into his mouth, and a man asks for a cookie before he passes out. Matt hands him the cookies. The nurse walks in and tells Matt that they need the bed back and he will be fine. Before leaving, Matt thanked the hospital and Glenoak. Simon prays to God once again in the chapel but this time about the earring. He asks again for the twins to be boys. Annie is still in labor and tells Eric that she forgot how hard it is. She says that the real miracle of birth is even after the third, fourth, or even fifth time she would still do this again. Annie tells Eric that this is the first time her mother has not been there. Eric reassures her saying that she's there in spirit. Annie asks and wonders if the kids are going to sing to her and Eric responds by telling her they will be singing to her soon enough and that it's Camden tradition. Matt walks into the room announcing he gave blood and Dr. Hastings shows up. Matt and Dr. Hastings finally meet after Dr. Hastings almost killed Matt during his birth and Matt shakes his hand upon introduction. Annie then asks if Dr. Hastings was the one who asked Matt to give blood but Eric quickly interrupts, letting Annie know it was actually him who thought Matt giving blood might make him feel better about everything.

Mary and Lucy meet up by the hospital phone. Lucy tells Mary that she is going to break up with Jordan, saying they don't have much in common. Mary wonders how Lucy just now notices this. Lucy responds that she's known for a while but didn't just want to believe it. She also mentions feeling good about taking Jordan away from Mary - something that competitively-minded women might do. However, Mary scolds her gently, reminding her that women shouldn't be competing against each other like this; instead, they should support one another always. Despite this setback, Lucy still asks for help in breaking up with Jordan and the first day of their new lives needs to be without Jordan. Mary tells her she wishes she can but Lucy has to do this by herself. Lucy asks Mary for some quarters to call him since it might take a while. Cut to the house, where Happy is now joined by some birds, a squirrel, and a rabbit. The house is getting dirtier with food everywhere. Lucy calls Jordan and wishes him a Happy Valentine's Day but tells the people behind her that it might take a while. A deep voice talks to Simon in the chapel while he's sleeping which wakes him up thinking it's God. But the voice tells him he's not God and most people think God's in heaven. Simon asks where he was then and the voice responds by saying that he's behind him; it turns out to be Matt just kidding around with Simon who starts laughing and tells him that Annie is about to give birth so they have to leave Chapel. Eric is touching Annie and she tells him to stop and that's the reason they are in the hospital; because she's pregnant. Dr. Hastings tells Annie that she is fully dilated and needs to start pushing. Lucy is on the phone with Jordan when Eric shows up and tells them that Annie is about to give birth and to stop holding up the phone. She asks him to tell Annie to just hold it in until she can get there, but he insists that he can't control these things. Lucy tells him that she's breaking up with Jordan and Eric pushes past some people behind her telling them to give her space as he walks away frustratedly telling her still hurry. Happy is still watching TV and is changing the channels to watch different programs. Lucy shows up in the waiting room crying and upset. Matt asks what's wrong but Mary tells him to give her some space since she just broke up with Jordan while consoling Lucy. Lucy gets more upset when Ruthie nonchalantly comments on her losing another boyfriend.

Dr. Hastings tells Annie to push hard, and the first baby comes out. The doctor is about to tell the sex of the baby, but Annie asks that Eric tell her instead. The nurse says that the baby looks good and is healthy. Suddenly, the second baby's heart rate drops and Dr. Hastings tells Annie he has to rotate the baby for it to be born correctly. While all this is happening, Simon tries to console Lucy who seems overwhelmed with everything going on around her. Then Lucy confesses to him that while Jordan was a great guy and she likes him—she just doesn't care about him in the same way he cared about her. Simon applauds her bravery after hearing this news. Ruthie walks over afterwards and chimes in saying how she felt similarly towards different guys she's liked—not really liking Jimmy Moon, kind of liking Rod, but really enjoying being around Jordan. So maybe, next time, she'll start loving whoever is next. When Eric finally walks out of the room after delivering both babies safely, he informs them one has been born but refuses to say whether they are boys or girls since Annie wants to be the one to tell them. This leaves the kids confused as they thought he said "baby" not "babies ." Matt then talks to Ruthie privately about how getting new siblings can be scary but also exciting at the same time—citing his own experience. Afterward, Annie presents the two new boys—David and Samuel—to everyone in the room. Simon drops to his knees and thanks God that they are both boys. The kids light up two cupcakes to celebrate and start singing the theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show. Ruthie asks where they first heard it which leads to a flashback of when Matt was watching The Mary Tyler Moore Show with Annie's mother. In preparation for when Annie gave birth to Mary, her mother practiced the song with Matt so he could sing it to her once she delivered their baby girl. Ruthie suggests that since these babies seem like such a gift from heaven, maybe Annie's mother sent them down for them all to enjoy together as one big family again. They sing the song along joyfully as Annie feels nothing but love coming from her family members surrounding her on this momentous occasion.


  • This marks the first appearance of the Brino quadruplets as Sam and David Camden. In real-life the Brino's were born in September 1998, just five months old when they made their television debut.
    • Annie also gave birth to them on Valentine's Day, thus making Sam and David's birthday on Valentines day, sharing a special bond for that holiday.
  • This episode is:
    • The highest rated episode of season 3 with 12.5 million viewers.
    • The highest rated episode of the show.
    • And also the highest rated episode of any show ever shown on The WB which is the channel that airs 7th Heaven.


  • There is a flashback scene at the end of the episode when young Matt (Chase Parker) is watching Mary Tyler Moore with his grandmother, he is also holding the same bunny rabbit that Annie uses during labor.
  • At the end of this incredibly wonderful episode, the Camden family sing the theme song from "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" (Annie's favorite show) to their newborn family members, Sam & David. A tradition that was started by Matt when Mary was born.
  • Catherine Hicks (Annie Camden) said in an interview that this is her favorite episode because she was able to give birth in a believable way. It seems that many mothers agreed with her because they complimented her on it later on.
  • This episode officially changes the meaning of the show's title, 7th Heaven. Instead of it being 7th Heaven with 7 family members (5 kids and 2 parents), it's now 7th Heaven with the raising of 7 kids.

Goofs & Errors[]

  • In the episode All That Jazz, Annie states on the phone that she will be having a scheduled cesarean section, why in this episode would she refuse to have a cesarean section?

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