7th Heaven
Season 2, Episode 15
Air date February 9, 1998
Written by Catherine LePard
Directed by David J. Plenn
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"Homecoming" is the fifteenth episode of the 2nd season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 5.96 million viewers.


The only thing keeping Mary from getting back on the basketball court after her knee surgery is her fear of the first big game. Matt turns down dates for the party after Mary's return to the basketball team. Eric laments that Mary never talks to him anymore. Lucy is excited over the prospect of her best friend Suzanne coming to visit until she learns the girl ran away from home. Afraid of his science teacher, Mrs. Hunter, Simon loses his confidence in his ability to complete a class project and feigns illness to avoid it. Also, Ruthie is fearful of her first field trip thinking that she'll get lost from the group.


  • Hudson Leick guest stars in this episode. She is best known as the evil warrior-princess "Callisto" in the TV series Xena.


  • This episode aired when David Gallagher (Simon Camden) turned 13 years old.
  • Catherine Hicks (Annie Camden) and Johnny Green (Richard) who appears in this episode, have both co-starred in the same movie with Keri Russell in Eight Days a Week. Although, they never appeared in the same scenes together.

Goofs & Errors[]

  • Early in the episode, Suzanne's mom tries to catch her before she leaves the house, but Suzanne says her ride is there, and she bolts out quickly and hides behind the bushes. Literally one second later, Suzanne's mom walks out the door, gets in her car, and drives away. If Suzanne really did have a ride, it would be physically impossible for her to get in and be driving away in one second, and yet her mother didn't seem to find that unusual.

Opening Credits[]

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