7th Heaven

Home is the eleventh episode of the fifth season of 7th Heaven. It aired on January 22nd, 2001.


After a month, perfect house guest Robbie is getting popular with most Camdens, except Annie who childishly splits hairs about his domestic input, meant to help her but making her feel redundant, while Ginger takes care of grandpa.

Meanwhile, Matt is unwilling to stand by John when he meets the Carter parents and seeks refuge with Heather, whose boyfriend Thomas gets them off their backs by suggesting they're a sheets magnate family. 

Elsewhere, Mary starts a round of panicking with a false rumor that Robbie is dating Lucy.

Also, Simon is flattered when Robbie asks his financial advice and starts copying him, even Matt follows suits walking around shirtless.

And finally, Robbie finds a surprising job and the perfect thank you gift.