7th Heaven

Happy the Dog is a fictional character on the WB Television Network's most popular television series 7th Heaven, played by a dog, also by the name of Happy.


Happy is the Camden's family dog. She made her debut on the show's pilot Anything You Want.

Early Life: The origin story of Happy (also known by the aliases El Jefe Perro, Pequeno Traficante, and "Whitey") is still relatively unknown. Happy is estimated to have been born in the late 1980's/early 1990's in the Mexican state of Jalisco. After a colossal falling out with her parents, whom Happy later described as "leeches on society's feeble teat", Happy journeyed down south to Acapulco.. As Happy adjusted to life in a tourist town, she found herself engaging in a few minor street hustles. Running game on American teenagers from cultural epicenters like Des Moines, Iowa. She began DJ'ing American top 40 radio in tourist clubs all the while selling bunk ecstasy to fraternity boys, and pickpocketing drunk teenagers.

One night in her resident club Happy was approached by a member of the Sinaloa Drug Cartel who had become impressed with her life as a petty criminal. "You have the potential for so much more mamacita. Do you want to make some real money? Happy had recalled in a later interview with People Magazine. Happy never disclosed the man's name. However, she did insinuate that when the Sinaloa Cartel propositions you, you don't say no. Happy relocated to Nogales on the Mexico-Arizona border where she began work with the nefarious drug syndicate. Fed up with a life of unfulfilling grunt work, After two years of living on the edge in Nogales, Happy came into contact with a border coyote named Silent Night or "El Noches Silenciosa". Happy successfully crossed the border and eventually hitchhiked her way to Glen Oak, California. This is where she was apprehended on the side of the road by a family who looked like they were ripped right off the front cover of a Sear's catalog. Nevertheless, the canine received free room and board so she remained complacent.

Life with the Camdens:

Happy the dog loved living with the Camden’s and eventually had puppies!

Life on Screen:

Happy comes to the family in rather inscrutable circumstances following Simon's continuous please for a family dog. After a year of begging his parents, Simon resorted to praying to God and eventually selling his soul to Satan himself. One day while up in the attic Simon heard a bark from outside. Fearing he was suffering from auditory hallucinations, brought on by some suspicious mushrooms he had consumed early that morning, Simon worked up the courage to inspect the yard where, covered in dirt and fleas, he found Happy. Destined for the pound and eventual lethal injection, Simon convinces his parents to allow him to keep her and from henceforth - Happy was a Camden.

In the season 2 episode titled “Who Knew” Matt receives a marijuana cigarette from the high school’s resident stoner. It’s exceptionally loud so he decides to hide it in Happy’s fur. Happy, who used to moonlight as a drug mule for the Sinaloa Cartel, holds the weight for as long as possible. When greeting the deplorably creepy Camden patriarch, Eric, Happy inadvertently narcs on Matt by expelling the joint. “Ay Caramba!” Eric proclaims, as visions of his son listening to Bob Marley in smoky basements adorned with black light posters fire through his head. Happy, who enjoys a fat toke is devastated, and the incident causes irreparable damage between she and Matt. So much so that Matt tells his parents they need to “get rid of that snow roach snitch or so help me God.” Happy is granted asylum, but things are never the same between her and the oldest Camden.

In the season 2 episode ...And Girlfriends, the family discovers that their beloved dog is actually a runaway named Whitey. Her previous owners attempt to take Happy back but after a lengthy discussion, in which Simon offers his firstborn, it is agreed Happy will remain with the Camden Family.

Happy has since then lived with the Camdens for the rest of the series, and will even accompany them on their journey around America, along with the whole family and their friends.




  • Original name was Whitey
  • Was technically stolen by the Camden family
  • A spin-off series focusing on Happy's adventures post-7th Heaven entitled The Happy Wanderer was proposed but never eventuated
  • Happy the actor was born in the USA in July 14, 1995.
  • Happy the actor passed away/died in Los Angeles, California in October 2010 when she was 15 years old.