7th Heaven

Happy is the dog owned by the Camden family, played by a dog also by the name of Happy. She would follow Simon around early in the show and the two had a close bond, though this was phased out when Happy was relegated to a background character.


Happy is the Camden's family dog. She made her debut on the show's pilot "Anything You Want".

Happy was originally named Whitey and owned by Jack Martin, who had a little daughter. This was confirmed in the episode "...And Girlfriends Part 2". At some point, she ran away and found herself in the Camdens' backyard.

Happy comes to the family in rather inscrutable circumstances following Simon's continuous pleas for a family dog. After a year of begging his parents, Simon resorted to praying to God. One day while up in the attic Simon heard a bark from outside. Fearing he was suffering from auditory hallucinations, Simon worked up the courage to inspect the yard where, covered in dirt and fleas, he found Happy. Simon convinces his parents to allow him to keep her and from henceforth - Happy was a Camden.

Happy has her puppies in the episode "With a Little Help from My Friends", but since Eric and Annie can't have three dogs in the house, Simon gives them away to Lucy's classmate Dwight.

In the season 2 episode titled "Who Knew?", Matt receives a marijuana cigarette from the high school’s resident stoner. It’s exceptionally loud so he decides to hide it in Happy’s fur. Happy holds the weight for as long as possible. When greeting Eric, Happy inadvertently narcs on Matt by expelling the joint, although Eric and Annie initially suspect the joint could belong to any of the kids.

In the season 2 episode "...And Girlfriends Part 2", the family discovers that their beloved dog is actually a runaway named Whitey. Her previous owners attempt to take Happy back but after a lengthy discussion, in which Simon offers Happy's firstborn, it is agreed Happy will remain with the Camden Family.

Happy has since then lived with the Camdens for the rest of the series, and will even accompany them on their journey around America, along with the whole family and their friends.

Happy is let out of sight during Matt and Mary's party in "Happy's Valentine" and sneaks out to go find her puppies, but is hit by a car and taken to the animal hospital so the veterinarian can determine her status. When Simon finds out the news, he gets furious with Matt and blames him for Happy's predicament, though Matt apologizes by taking him to the hospital to stay with Happy in hopes that she's okay. The veterinarians won't have an update on her status until tomorrow morning. The rest of the family visits and stays the night in the animal hospital waiting room and prays for Happy. As morning arrives, Happy lets out a bark that wakes Simon up and Simon is extremely grateful that Happy is alive and recovering.




  • Happy the actor was born in the USA in July 14, 1995.
  • Happy the actor passed away/died in Los Angeles, California in October 2010 when she was 15 years old.