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</div>Happy the Dog is a fictional character on the WB Television Network's most popular television series 7th Heaven, played by a dog, also by the name of Happy.

Background Edit

Happy is the Camden's family dog. She made her debut on the show's pilot Anything You Want after Simon — who's begging to his parents for a dog of his own fell on deaf ears — resorted to praying to God and eventually selling his soul to Satan himself. One day while up in the attic Simon heard a bark from outside. Fearing he was suffering from auditory hallucinations, brought on by some suspicious mushrooms he had consumed early that morning, Simon worked up the courage to inspect the yard where, covered in dirt and fleas, he found Happy. Destined for the pound and eventual lethal injection, Simon convinces his parents to allow him to keep her and from henceforth - Happy was a Camden.

In the season 2 episode ...And Girlfriends, the family discovers that their beloved dog is actually a runaway named Whitey. Her previous owners attempt to take Happy back but after a lengthy discussion, in which Simon offers his firstborn, it is agreed Happy will remain with the Camden Family.

Happy has since then lived with the Camdens for the rest of the series, and will even accompany them on their journey around America, along with the whole family and their friends.

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Trivia Edit

  • Happy is a dog.
  • Original name was Whitey
  • Was technically stolen by the Camden family
  • A spin-off series focusing on Happy's adventures post-7th Heaven entitled The Happy Wanderer was proposed but never eventuated
  • Happy the actor passed away in 2010. She was 15 years old.
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