7th Heaven

Dr. Hank Hastings is a doctor who worked at Glenoak Hospital but then later starts working at a free clinic where Matt Camden used to work as an orderly. Hank is married to Julie Camden and is the father of Erica and Baby Hastings. He delivered Matt as a baby, but almost killed Matt at birth. When the twins were born, Hank delivered Sam and David before he and Julie got married, making Hank the uncle of the Camden kids.


Hank was Annie's doctor when she was pregnant with Matt, a pregnancy that almost ended in devastation. He nearly almost killed Matt while delivering him as a baby, putting him in a incubator for a month. After almost nearly killing Matt, he went back to medical school for another 3 years. After that, he decided to dedicate his life working for high risk babies.[1] When she first found out that Dr. Hastings was back in the Glenoak Hospital, Annie was frantic. She was afraid he would have to be the one to deliver her twins if she ever went into early labor. In the end, though, Annie ordered Dr. Hastings to be there after the doctors were ordering a C-section and she wanted a natural birth. After all this drama, Dr. Hastings marries Eric's sister, Julie.[2] We also find out Julie is pregnant in the same episode.

They had some marriage problems in the beginning of their married life, such as when Julie almost left Hank in Just You Wait And See, but they always end up back together. In the same episode, Julie gives birth to their baby, Erica.


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Hank has appeared in a total of 16 episodes in 7th Heaven.

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