7th Heaven
Girls Just Want To Have Fun
Season 2, Episode 7
Girls just want to have fun
Air date November 3, 1997
Written by Catherine LePard
Directed by Joel J. Feigenbaum
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"Girls Just Want To Have Fun" is the seventh episode of the second season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 5.97 million viewers.


Simon's friend, Stan, sleeps over but has a horrid nightmare. Simon promises to keep his friend's secret but Matt, who already suspected the boy's suspicious sister, Karen, spills the beans to Eric, who informs the incredulous parents that Karen is in a street gang. Meanwhile, Mary tries to stop Lucy from doing something stupid despite not knowing what it is, only for it to be a show of independence with makeup and a revealing wardrobe. In addition, Ruthie questions the speed of 100 mph to everyone in the family.


Everyone is sleeping but Eric and Annie are awakened when Simon's friend, Stan wakes up from having a nightmare. When Annie asks Stan what the dream was about, Stan doesn't remember and Simon says they were telling scary stories before they went to sleep. When they leave, Stan tells Simon that he has to keep his promise that he won't tell anyone about what he told Simon earlier. Simon then puts Happy in bed with Stan and Simon goes back to sleep but Stan stays awake. The next morning, Simon and Stan are playing basketball outside waiting for Stan's sister to pick him up. Simon offers for Stan to spend the night again but Simon says that he will have to ask. In their bedroom, Lucy is talking to someone on the phone about going to the mall and says that what makes it exciting is the whole experience of the mall. Lucy jokingly says that when she dies, she wants her ashes to be scattered throughout the mall so that she can be part of the mall forever. Mary and Ruthie think that she is a freak. Ruthie keeps on asking how fast 100  mph is but no one shows her how fast it is. Mary wants to go to the mall with Lucy but Lucy says no since she is now hanging with the cool crowd. Stan's sister, Karen, shows up at the house to pick up Stan and Matt asks her about her belt, which has an Old English "B" on it. Karen tells him it stands for her nickname, "Babydoll" but Matt questions why Stan doesn't call her that. Karen leaves with Stan and Karen gets suspicious of what Stan may have said to Matt because he seemed suspicious. Eric voices his suspicions to Annie as he looks out the window when Stan leaves with his sister. Ruthie and Matt come into the kitchen and Ruthie asks how fast 100 miles an hour is but Matt only tells her that it is fast. Ruthie tells Eric that she doesn't have any plans for the day but is waiting for Mary or Lucy to do something with her. Mary thinks that Lucy is up to something bad but she won't tell her so Mary just warns her to be careful.

Matt walks into Simon's room and asks Simon about Karen's belt and anything that he may know about her but Simon doesn't give out any information. Matt says that he knows of guys at school that have the same "B" tattooed on their hands and arms because they are in a gang called the Blackburn Sixteen. Simon stays quiet but his silence answers his question and then Simon spills everything. Simon tells Matt that they are working on a plan to help Stan but Matt tells Simon that they can't do anything against a gang. Matt says that he will tell his parents so Simon yelled at him that he wished he wasn't his brother and that he promised Stan not to tell anyone. Matt tells Eric and Annie that Stan's sister is in a gang and then Annie receives a call from Stan's mother asking if it is ok with Annie for Stan to spend the night again. Eric says that the only thing that he could do is to talk to Stan's parents. At the mall, Lucy meets up with her friends and they immediately go into the bathroom. Simon walks into the house after walking Happy and talks to Eric about Karen and gets mad that Matt told his parents. Eric explains that Matt did the right thing by telling them but Simon is still upset with Matt. Eric leaves to go get Stan and talk to his parents.

Lucy and her friends emerge from the mall bathroom dressed differently in revealing clothing. They begin strolling around the mall. Annie tells Mary that she needs to get Ruthie ready to go to the mall and when Mary points out that they will be showing up early, Annie says that that is why they call her "Mom". Mary is searching everywhere for Ruthie but can't find her and starts to get desperate. Simon is trying out thermals in his bedroom and Matt tells him that there are no thermals in the house. Mary finds Ruthie sleeping on her bed and wakes her since she has fallen asleep because Mary took so long. Mary then tells Ruthie to get ready for the mall. Eric is at Stan's parent's house and tells them that Karen is in a gang but her parents don't believe him. After thinking about it, they realize that Karen has been spending more time with her friends. Eric asks if they have noticed anything different in Karen's room but Karen's parents get defensive. Karen's mother decides that they will go into Karen's room and look around. When they enter her room and begin to look around, they don't notice anything and begin to get upset that Eric accused their daughter of being in a gang. Stan's parents still let Stan spend the night with the Camdens.

Lucy and her friends are still walking around the mall in their revealing clothes and get lots of stares from the guys walking by. They stop to talk to a mall security guard who hits on Lucy. Annie, Mary and Ruthie get to the mall and after Ruthie asks about how fast 100 mph is, Mary offers to go get Lucy so her mother won't have to get out of the vehicle but Annie says she has to pick up a few things. Mary suggests meeting her mom and Ruthie at the food court after finding Lucy. Mary finds Lucy and her friends talking to the mall security guard and tells the guard to go away because they are only 14. Lucy yells at Mary for betraying her but Mary mentions that she would've been caught by Annie and get into more trouble. While they were yelling at each other, Annie and Ruthie walk up and notice Lucy in her new outfit. At home, Annie grounds her for a month but Lucy says that she was only expressing her unique personality. Annie tells her that Lucy's friends were expressing the same unique personalities. Annie then tells her that she betrayed her trust and it is not acceptable for her teenage children. Annie also tells her that they have lost something in their relationship and Lucy asks if they will ever get it back but Ruthie interrupts them wearing too much makeup and wearing some tight clothes, modeling after Lucy. Lucy tells her mom that she'll clean Ruthie and Annie answers Lucy's previous question and says that they will be able to get it back with some work.

Stan shows up at the Camden's house and gets mad at Simon for telling his parents and coming over to their house. Eric, listening to their conversation, tells Matt, who was also listening to their conversation while laying down on the couch, that he has a hunch and leaves the house. Mary and Lucy clean the makeup off of Ruthie as Ruthie tells Mary that she was a bad example to her so she must have been a bad example to Lucy, so Lucy was a bad example to her. Ruthie says that Mary was a bad example because she didn't find her during hide and seek. Mary apologizes and Mary offers for Ruthie to sleep over with them at night. The doorbell rings and Annie answers the door for Karen who brought Stan's bag and asks her about her belt buckle. Annie tells her about a church member and her son that was involved in a gang and had the same "B" tattooed on his knuckles. Annie tells her that gangs are not good and they are not her friends but Karen tells her that her life is none of Annie's business. Matt sees Simon and Stan and Simon tells Matt that they are going to be making their own thermals in their room with a box fan. Matt tells Stan that it isn't Simon's fault that his parents know. Simon and Stan decide to hang out with Matt. Stan's parents and Eric are looking in Stan's room and they find guns and other weaponry under Stan's bed. Karen walks in and her mother begins to yell at her about how they worked hard to move to a good neighborhood to get away from those influences. Her mom says that they will be leaving the house to stay away from the gang but Karen tells her parents and Eric that she will get out of the gang. Eric explains that it is harder than she thinks to get out of a gang but Karen doesn't believe him and thinks that they are her friends and they will understand. Eric also explains that they will beat her up if she tries to leave the gang. Karen's mother asks for a place to send Karen but Karen doesn't believe that they will hurt her. Her parents say that they are overwhelmed and need time to decide what to do and Eric leaves. Karen says that she doesn't need Eric's help as he leaves.

The whole family is outside playing basketball with Stan when Ruthie asks again about how fast 100 miles an hour is. Annie is fixing the faucet when she gets a call from Karen's parents, then goes outside to tell Stan the bad news. Everyone stopped playing and knew what was wrong when they saw Annie's face. Stan begins to cry and Annie hugs him. At the hospital, Eric brings Stan to the hospital room to see his beaten sister. Karen tells him that she tried to get out but it isn't over. Karen asks Eric to call a place where she can go for help. Eric walks out of the room and sees a TV that has a commercial that asks "It's 10 o'clock, do you know where your children are?". Eric walks out of the hospital door with sad music playing in the background.


  • Shiri Appleby makes a guest appearance in this episode as Karen. She is best known for the WB/UPN sci-fi drama, Roswell.


Goofs & Errors[]

  • Why did Lucy and her friends synchronize watches at the mall when they were planning on walking together?

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