7th Heaven
Gimme That 'Ol Time Religion
Season 11, Episode 16
Gimme that ol time religion
Air date February 18, 2007
Written by Chris Olsen & Jeff Olsen
Directed by Joel J. Feigenbaum
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Gimme That 'Ol Time Religion was the sixteenth episode of the 11th season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, the episode scored 3.57 million viewers.


When Ruthie suddenly becomes interested in religion, Eric and Annie get suspicious. They later discover that Ruthie and T-bone each got tattoos after consulting with their friends. Kevin and Lucy also find out about the tattoo but don't tell Eric and Annie since Lucy, Mary, Simon and Matt all have one, though they've always known.


  • Tyler Hoechlin does not appear in this episode
  • Eric and Annie mention that they know about the tattoos that all five of their kids have.


  • This episode contradicts the season one episode "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" where Eric and Annie are dead-set against their kids getting tattoos, yet in this episode, they reveal that they know their kids have tattoos, and also have tattoos themselves.
  • Eric and Annie each have a have a tattoo on their hip; Eric has a cross and Annie has a heart. Both Lucy and Ruthie have a tattoo on their lower backs; Lucy has a flower design, Ruthie has T-Bone's name and Ruthie's initials are tattooed on T-Bone's outer ankle. The rest of the kids (Matt, Mary, and Simon) also have tattoos but it isn't said what they have.

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