7th Heaven
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Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line is the eighteenth episode of the first season of 7th Heaven. It aired on April 21st, 1997. It aired after Choices and before It's About George.


Simon is eager to resume the football season, but not to get the mandatory tetanus-shot, but also a master at scaring needle-phobic Matt who has to accompany him and could fake it.

Meanwhile, Jimmy Moon needs some tutoring, so Lucy gets Mary to do it, but soon regrets it, fearing that her big sister is falling for her boyfriend.

Elsewhere, Eric wants the parish to hire fraud-convicted Ron Kramer, an organist to the choirmaster's taste, as treasurer.

And finally, Lou Dalton's vestry considers that as imprudent as having no security system in church and recruits Annie to draft a budget before the matter is settled, even threatening to fire Eric.