7th Heaven
Season 5, Episode 17
Air date April 16th, 2001
Written by Chris & Jeff Olsen
Directed by Joel J. Feigenbaum
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Crazy is the seventeenth episode of the 5th season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 6.57 million viewers, leading the WB and earning 74th place for the week nationally.[1]


Matt begins to go crazy over a psychological evaluation that he is required to take for his medical school application. He also notices the strange demeanor of his psychologist, which leads to a surprising twist. Meanwhile, after Ruthie gets into trouble at school for missing homeroom classes daily, she tricks Robbie into coming to talk to her principal. Simon decides he no longer wants to be together with Sasha since they have nothing in common and that she is not that intelligent, but the plan backfires on Simon. Also, Mike wants to try to be in a relationship with Lucy again, but unfortunately, she turns him down since they are both on the rebound from Jeremy and Elaine. Lastly, Eric must convince a terminally ill patient to embrace life no matter what the doctors tell him.


Matt rushes into the house, clearly searching for someone. He approaches Annie with urgency and asks about Mike Pierce's whereabouts, as he notices Mike's car parked outside and needs to speak with him. Annie informs Matt that Mike and Lucy have gone to the store and will return shortly. She expresses concern and asks if something is wrong. Matt reveals that he's required to spend an hour with a therapist as part of the medical school application process. He just learned about this today and is anxious about the possibility of being labeled as "crazy" or "nuts." Mike and Lucy return home, and Matt promptly ushers Mike into another room. Annie explains to Lucy that Matt needs to meet with a therapist as a prerequisite for medical school. In a private conversation, Matt confides in Mike, seeking guidance on how to pass this evaluation. Mike clarifies that it's not a matter of passing or failing but an opportunity to self-reflect. Mike is puzzled by Matt's fear and emphasizes that this is a chance for self-examination and personal growth. Despite Matt's pleas, Mike tells him that only he alone can navigate this; no one can do it for him. When Eric arrives home, Annie briefs him on Matt's situation. Eric offers his assistance, and Mike agrees saying Matt needs a professional, like Eric who handles these problems every week. Mike departs, thanking Lucy for allowing him to borrow her notes. In the living room, Eric attempts to help Matt view the situation from a different perspective, emphasizing that it's just one hour and an opportunity for self-discovery. However, Matt remains distressed and frantically leaves, leaving Eric sighing in frustration.

Matt is at the hospital, clearly nervous as he paces the floor. After a while, someone else enters the room, and Matt, assuming this is the psychiatrist, follows him in. Matt apologizes for arriving early and takes a seat. He introduces himself and asks about what he should call the psychiatrist. The psychiatrist suggests calling him "Doc," a respectful yet casual address. Matt wonders if he should begin the conversation or if the psychiatrist will pose the questions. Doc turns the question back to Matt, asking what would make him more comfortable. Matt proposes asking a few questions to start. Doc initiates the session by asking about Matt's distinctive hairstyle. Matt explains that he's experimenting with his look and likes it. Doc remarks that this hairstyle might not be Matt's best work, to which Matt questions the idea that therapists are supposed to be non-judgmental. Doc questions this notion, asking who said therapists must be non-judgmental. Matt mentions his sister's boyfriend, Mike Pierce, who has seen numerous therapists due to his suicide attempts. Doc inquires about Lucy, and Matt struggles to articulate his thoughts and mentions that she used to cry frequently but has matured over time. Doc suggests that Matt imagine Lucy sitting in the chair across from him and ask her what she thinks about him pursuing a medical career. Matt tries but soon finds this exercise awkward and laughs dryly, admitting that he feels somewhat silly talking to an empty chair. Doc reassures him that it's okay to feel foolish at times, as it's a way to learn. Matt proposes starting fresh and he knows nothing. Doc sees this as progress. Meanwhile, back at the house, Robbie asks Lucy where Annie is, as Ruthie wants a ride back to school but refuses to tell him the reason. Annie emerges from the twins' room and whispers to Robbie that he can take Ruthie to school. As soon as Robbie leaves, Simon exits his room and asks Lucy if she knows when Matt is coming over. Lucy expresses uncertainty and offers to assist him. Simon discloses that it's about a woman and walks away into his room. Lucy follows him and bugs him for more but Simon tells her that he needs Matt's advice since, apart from sex and fashion, his girlfriend Sasha lacks personality. Lucy suggests a plan involving Annie falsely informing Sasha that their parents don't want him to date her. When Annie opens the adjoining door to the twins' room and hushes them, she tells him she doesn't want Simon to date Sasha anyway and forbids it. Simon thanks Lucy for the advice. Somewhere else, Eric is at the hospital looking for Matt, hoping to speak with him before his evaluation. Eric is on the verge of leaving when someone calls his name from a room. A man named Harold, who overheard a nurse referring to Eric as Reverend, and seeks someone more interested in discussing God than medicine. Harold reveals that doctors have given him only six weeks to live. Elsewhere, Robbie and Ruthie argue why they are there as they approach the principal's office. Robbie questions the nature of Ruthie's trouble and her unwillingness to disclose it. Ruthie remains reticent, and Mrs. Carmen Mackoul, the principal, greets them. Robbie explains that Ruthie dragged him to the meeting without specifying the reason. He also mentions their connections, including Robbie's prior relationship with Mary, Ruthie's sister, and how Eric sheltered him when he was homeless. Ruthie tells her he's like a dad, and Robbie corrects her saying he's more like a big brother. Mrs. Carmen Mackoul agrees to meet with Robbie instead of involving Ruthie's parents. As they sit down, she asks about Ruthie's absence from homeroom and her whereabouts between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m. Ruthie explains that she cannot divulge the details. Robbie interrupts, suggesting that Ruthie is clearly protecting someone, as her reticence wouldn't be so strong if she were only protecting herself. Ruthie gives Robbie a dirty look and when the principal leaves the room to let them discuss this alone, Ruthie pushes on his shoulder and asks what he thinks he's doing. Ruthie inadvertently confirms that she is concealing someone else. Back at the therapist's office, Matt struggles to open up, sharing his uncertainty about why he wants to become a doctor. He admits that he sometimes contemplates what his life would be like if he hadn't decided to pursue medicine. Matt reveals that he works as an orderly at the hospital but doesn't want to make it his lifelong career. Doc questions why he couldn't continue as an orderly while pursuing other goals when he gets tired of it. Matt expresses self-doubt about whether he can endure the nine-year medical school journey, given the extensive workload and his desire to enjoy life. Doc encourages Matt to see things from a different perspective: he can live his life while becoming a doctor, or he can become a doctor while living his life. Matt initially considers this perspective foolish and thinks of himself as stupid, but Doc retrieves Matt's file, indicating that he is ranked 30th in his class, prompting a reevaluation of his self-doubt.

At the hospital's front desk, Eric engages in a conversation with one of the doctors. He attempts to broach the subject of Harold and the challenges associated with informing a patient about their impending demise. Eric argues that Harold's prognosis is quite specific, emphasizing that only God knows when a person will pass away. The doctor counters with the scientific aspect of medicine, explaining that they can only estimate when a patient is most likely to die based on medical knowledge. He shows reluctance to continue the discussion with Eric, as he's not a member of Harold's family, and walks away. One of the nurses, who has been listening, urges Eric to take action, which confuses him a little. Meanwhile, Matt passes by with Doc. Eric asks about the identity of the unknown man with him, but the nurse confesses that she doesn't know him and has never seen him before. Doc suggests to Matt that they should head to the promenade to spend some time outside the hospital, as he believes Matt will be more comfortable in a non-hospital setting. Back at home, Annie asks Lucy if Ruthie and Robbie have returned. Lucy replies that they haven't. Annie compliments Ruthie as a funny kid who often gets into various antics, though they're not always serious to be bad. Lucy makes a casual remark about how there's always a "first time," which leaves Annie somewhat concerned. She asks Lucy to explain, and Lucy mentions reading an article in a parenting magazine that suggests children with a penchant for comedy might sometimes take a darker path towards criminal behavior. Annie becomes anxious and grabs the magazine to read it more closely before walking away with the magazine. In another scene, Robbie and Ruthie are together. Robbie steps out of the room to speak with Mrs. Mackoul, expressing his difficulties in getting information from Ruthie. Mrs. Mackoul assures him that being a parent is challenging and mentions that she has already spoken to Annie, who suggested letting Robbie handle the situation. If he struggles, she is prepared to intervene. Robbie returns to the room and informs Ruthie that they need to resolve this situation. He initially attempts to compromise and reason with her, proposing that she needs to reveal the information without harming the person she's trying to protect. Ruthie, however, is resistant and believes the situation is hopeless without embarrassing the other student. Robbie raises his voice in an attempt to extract answers, but Ruthie remains steadfast. He reminds her that he's not one of her innocent Camden siblings and asserts that he used to get into trouble and that she will break soon. Simultaneously, Simon is at home, informing Sasha that his parents don't want them spending time together, as she's too old for him. Sasha offers to discuss it with Annie, but Simon declines, and Sasha leaves. Lucy enters a short while later and inquires about how the conversation went. Simon admits that he doesn't even know. Back at the hospital, Eric meets with the head doctor and expresses his belief that they don't truly know when someone will die; they can only make educated guesses. He highlights the influence of a doctor's authority, as their estimates are often regarded as facts. The doctor counters by arguing that it's not merely a guess but a prediction based on facts. He explains that it's fair to share such predictions with patients, as it allows them to prepare. The doctor questions Eric's certainty that Harold, who was told he had six weeks to live, would comply and pass away within that timeframe, whereas he might have had a longer life if he hadn't received this information. Eric confirms that he genuinely believes what he's saying, which surprises the doctor who then says he just disagrees. Eric expresses that this makes his job harder, and then thanks for having the conversation and leaves. At the school, Robbie discloses to the principal that Ruthie has informed him of her whereabouts between 8 a.m. and 8:30 a.m., and if she discloses more, it would embarrass another student. Mrs. Mackoul accepts this and allows Ruthie to leave with Robbie. She advises Ruthie to either tell her when she's ready or encourage the other students to share their story so that she can offer help. Mrs. Mackoul says she will inform her homeroom teacher that Ruthie won't be in class until further notice, and both Robbie and Ruthie express their thanks.

At home, Sasha engages in a conversation with Annie while she prepares some refreshments. Sasha argues what she believes to be in Simon's favor, contending that he's only 15 and quite mature, with a mere 3-year age difference. She insists they aren't doing anything wrong, something Annie should approve of. Annie, however, expresses discomfort regarding the age difference and suggests that Sasha might be looking to engage in something inappropriate. Annie asks if she made it clear to Simon that she was open to intimacy. Sasha clarifies that she did, to which Annie responds affirmatively. Sasha remains confused, prompting her to ask if she should have surprised Simon instead. Sasha implies that guys appreciate it when a girl takes the initiative, and Annie wouldn't know since she's been out of the dating scene for a long time. Annie retorts that she needs to consult with her mother about this matter and reconsider her perspective on relationships. Sasha reveals that it was, in fact, her own mother who provided her with this advice. Annie tells Sasha to call her mother to see if she doesn't mind with Annie giving Sasha some better advice about dealing with relationships. Moments later, Robbie and Ruthie enter the house, and Annie escorts them upstairs to discuss something. Ruthie shares that she didn't need to explain anything to Mrs. Mackoul, as she understood her situation. She expresses gratitude to Robbie for his help before walking away. Annie, acting as her mother, conveys her desire to know her whereabouts but Robbie remains uncooperative. Annie conveys her concerns, fearing that Ruthie might be involved in something criminal. Downstairs, Simon encounters Sasha in the kitchen. Sasha informs him that she spoke to his mother and believes she can convince her to allow them to continue dating. Startled, Simon excuses himself and goes to Annie to inquire why she is talking to Sasha. Annie explains that Sasha unexpectedly appeared at the back door and wanted to have a conversation. She assures Simon that she won't permit him to date Sasha again. Meanwhile, Matt and Doc have a conversation at a table on the promenade. Doc attempts to address Matt's troubles, explaining that he seems to be in conflict, wanting to be different but also striving to please everyone. Matt feels like a complete mess, and Doc remarks that his feeling is just like everyone else on Earth. This perspective offers Matt a degree of comfort. At the hospital, Eric has a conversation with Harold about his interaction with the doctors. Eric mentions that his son, Matt, had an evaluation scheduled with one of the hospital's psychiatrists but didn't show up. He intends to find Matt and check back with Harold later that night. Harold expresses concern for Matt, and Eric mentions that someone saw Matt leaving the hospital with one of the patients. Matt, on the other hand, continues his conversation with Doc and feels as if he's not speaking with a psychiatrist but rather someone holy. Doc smiles. Later that night, Sasha attempts to explain to Annie that Simon's a good kisser, sharing a particular technique involving breathing through the other person's nose when locking mouths. When Eric arrives home, Annie tells him he needs to talk to Ruthie regarding her situation with the principal. She references the article she read earlier that suggested that comedy leads to conning. Eric asks about Matt's whereabouts, as he missed his appointment, and he plans to get answers from him. Matt drops off Doc at the hospital, and Doc hopes things work out for him, offering some advice about being observant of his problems and mentioning that he'll look him up the next time he's in the building. Back at home, Eric attempts to talk to Ruthie, suggesting that her mother believes her behavior might be leaning toward criminal activities, based on an article she read. Robbie mentions that he read the same article, explaining that it discussed how funny kids might become criminals but clarified at the end that it was written by a stand-up comic. Eric, clearly surprised since Annie hadn't reached that part of the article, declares the crisis over. He and Annie still want to know what's going on, and Ruthie insists that she wants to tell them. However, her heart and mind conflict, as she fears that someone will get hurt. Downstairs, the doorbell rings, and it's Mike. Lucy and Simon answer, and Simon informs Mike that Sasha is apparently staying for dinner. Mike is bewildered because he thought he had broken up with her. He asks Simon how he managed to break up with her. Simon explains that he told Sasha his parents didn't want them to be together, so she went out the front door and then in through the back door to talk to his mom. Lucy intervenes, stating that Annie can't make Simon go out with Sasha. Simon, clearly upset, retorts that he followed Lucy's advice of lying Lucy suggested to avoid hurting Sasha. Mike believes that lying is a bad idea and advises Simon to tell the truth simply. Lucy asks what they would have said to Sasha if they were the ones breaking up with her. Simon suggests that he would be straightforward and say, "I don't want to go out with you, sorry." Mike initially says he would thank Sasha for going out with him for the past couple of months, but then changes his response to say that he genuinely appreciates the time they spent together. He struggles to find the right words. Mike defends himself saying he doesn't know the situation; he doesn't know Sasha and didn't have any trouble breaking up with Lucy. Lucy says he's still hanging out there, and says she's been noticing he's been around here more since Jeremy left town. Sasha walks in wanting to talk to Simon privately. She confesses that Annie helped her realize that she has been foolish, going out with Simon because he seemed non-threatening. She explains that she felt it was easier to date Simon because he didn't pressure her for sex. Sasha explains her motivations, stating that she didn't want to date guys her age who expected intimacy. Sasha concludes that she doesn't want to date Simon anymore, now that she understands her real issue and believes she has more in common with guys her age. She kisses Simon on the forehead and tells him he's a nice guy but doesn't want to continue their relationship now that she's resolved her problem. Sasha leaves. Lucy and Mike are alone, and Lucy asks Mike for the truth and what happened with Elaina. Mike explains that they went out a few times, but then other guys started asking her out, and wasn't comfortable with that. Lucy says she isn't looking for a relationship and on the rebound, and Mike reveals he's also there because he still has feelings for Lucy, but knows Lucy doesn't have the feelings for him either. Mike says goodbye to Lucy before he leaves. Outside, Matt hugs Mike and the hug is for encouraging him to go to the session, and he never felt so free but so focused.

Matt walks into the house, and Eric, wearing an angry expression, confronts him about missing his evaluation. Eric explains that he saw Matt walking down the hall with another man, and he's concerned because that man is a patient. Matt chuckles and reveals that he was initially in the office, thinking that the man, Doc, was a psychiatrist. After a couple of hours, Doc revealed his real identity. Matt goes on to explain that this man received a terminal diagnosis 12 years ago, and although there was nothing the doctor could do, it turned out to be a turning point in his life. He started reflecting on his existence and the purpose of his life. Matt tries to share more but feels Eric wouldn't understand and that he needs to hear it directly from the man. Matt expresses his confidence and states that the actual psychiatrist will understand because Doc, the man he was talking to, is his friend. Eric inquires if he got Doc's phone number, expressing concern that he might need his help. Matt reveals that he didn't get his number but assures Eric that Doc always shows up when he's needed. The next morning in the kitchen, Annie expresses her concern about Ruthie's secretive morning outings at school. Ruthie tries to assert her independence, saying she doesn't need to ask anyone for advice. She believes she already knows what to do because she listens to Annie and Eric and doesn't require the intervention of any authority figures. Robbie comes downstairs and offers to prepare lunches and tidy up. In the hospital, Matt consults with the actual psychiatrist and shares how Doc had been a tremendous help to him. The psychiatrist makes a remark that Doc isn't his patient but rather his teacher and says Doc is so skilled at living his life that he's considered an authority on life itself. At school, Ruthie sneaks into a janitorial closet while nobody is looking, where she encounters another student. Ruthie reassures the student that she didn't reveal anything to the principal and hands her a bag of lunch. The grateful student thanks Ruthie and explains that if it weren't for her, she would have gone hungry that past week. She adds that her mom is getting paid that day and will go straight to the grocery store. Ruthie offers her to come to her house that week. Back at home, Annie welcomes Sasha's mother, Rita, into the house. Rita questions where Annie gets her advice from and whether she has any children. Annie explains that she gathers advice from other mothers and friends but Rita remarks that Annie might be the only other mother she knows. Meanwhile, at the hospital, Doc opens up about his terminal diagnosis to Harold and Eric. He shares how he was once willing to undergo any medical procedure to save himself, but eventually, he was worn out and afraid of enduring more suffering. Harold expresses his fear that he won't even live the six weeks the doctors gave him. Doc reassures him that the doctors can't dictate his time, and he won't go away unless God takes him. Doc emphasizes that he can do anything he wants and asks if Harold has a place to go, reassuring him that he can return if he wants to be there. Doc offers to order pizza for them.


  • After writing and co-writing numerous episodes in season 1, Ron Zimmerman makes his first of many guest appearances in this episode.


  • In France this episode is known as, "Berserk" translated. In Germany, it's "The Miracle Doctor".
  • The official WB description for this episode featured the tagline "ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST".


Main Cast[]

Featured in the opening credits are:

Guest Stars[]

  • Jeremy Lelliott as Mike Pierce
  • Ron Zimmerman as Doc
  • Robert Curtis Brown as Harold Mann
  • Brenda Strong as Mrs. Carmen Mackoul
  • Patricia Healy as Rita Simpson
  • Sami Simkin as Sasha Simpson
  • Tom Dahlgren as Dr. Bennett Brown
  • Terry Bozeman as Dr. Kramer
  • Allen Williams as Dr. Leonard
  • Bergen Williams as Nurse


  • Ally Wolfe as Nurse #1
  • Michaela Gallo as Julia