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Charles Jackson (born May 27, 1933) is the father of Annie Camden and Lily Jackson, and the grandfather of her 7 children, and the husband of late Jenny Jackson and later Ginger Jackson. Charles later died in his sleep in season 8.[1]


Charles is Annie's father and the husband of the late Jenny Jackson. Before his passing, he resided in Phoenix, Arizona. Introduced in the pilot episode, "Anything You Want", he was with Jenny when she told Annie and Eric that she had leukemia and was dying. He quickly took off after Jenny's funeral because he was depressed over her passing and didn't want to deal with his emotions. It was believed he went back to Phoenix after leaving so suddenly but it turned out he went back to the cemetery for a few hours before returning to Annie and apologizing for not being there for her.[2] He appears again in "Dangerous Liaisons (Part 1)" where he introduces his new girlfriend, Ginger, to the Camden family. He met her when they were having dinner separately at a restaurant, and Charles went up to her and asked if he can join her and she said yes. Annie immediately has a problem with her and refuses to accept the relationship. She thought that Charles seeing someone so quick after Jenny's passing was disrespect for Jenny. However, they start forming a small bond in "Dangerous Liaisons (Part 2)."

Charles visits the Camden's in the next season, but without Ginger this time. His new toupee apparently made her leave, but Charles actually wanted to run her off because he was still in love with Jenny.[3] They soon get back together after that, however. In "...And Girlfriends (Part 2)", they create a false engagement to discourage Eric and Annie, but Charles realizes how much he loved pretending they were engaged and made it even more real when he actually proposed to her. Before the wedding ceremony, both Charles and Ginger was still having trouble with letting go of their deceased loved ones and nearly called off the wedding. They made up though and realize they love each other. They got married in "And the Home of the Brave"

In Regrets, Charles tells Eric that when he was 17, he had a child with another woman and that Annie has a half-sister before he met Jenny named Lily. Charles tried to ask Eric to talk to Annie about Lily, but ended up talking to her himself instead. Annie's initial reaction is one of anger and upsetment towards both Charles for not telling her earlier as well as Lily for existing. Eric talks to Annie about Lily, and how Charles wanted Annie and Lily to form a bond together, so they can have each other after he died. He later brought Lily to see Annie and the family. Annie eventually comes around and forms a bond with her half-sister at the end of the episode, but was still not comfortable with her as shown in "Don't Speak Ill of the Dead or the Living". Charles later died in his sleep.[1]


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Charles has appeared in a total of 15 episodes in 7th Heaven.

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  • He likes apple pie.