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Chief Michaels is the Chief of Police at the Glen Oak Police Station. He was a former Sergeant/Detective[1]/Captain[2] before getting promoted to Chief of Police in Some Break-Ups and Some Get-Togethers. He is a friend of the Camden family and often needed when they're in any legal trouble. He had a wife, but apparently she left because she couldn't take the pressure of being a wife to a policeman.[3] He had a sister and mostly took care of her since both of their parents worked.[4]


Chief Michaels had a sister who he mostly took care of, but as she got older and more rebellious, it was getting harder to look after her. He thinks his sister went out with a guy in college just to torture him, this guy treated her badly, cheated on her, smoked pot. Michaels tried to forbid her from seeing him but that only made her marry him and have a couple of children. Nothing changed and they divorced soon after. Michaels thought that maybe if he was more of a friend to his sister and talked to her as a grown woman then maybe she would've listen to him. All of this took place before his official appearance in 7th Heaven.[4]

He first appears in "Saturday" as a Sergeant where he finds Simon, Ruthie, and Happy lost. He takes them home but discovers that no one is home so he takes them to Mary's basketball game where he met up with Eric. He later appears in "See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil" where he investigates the Camden's carjacking. In "Happy's Valentine", Eric and Morgon call him from a camping trip to check out the kids at the house. He catches his son with beer and sends him home thereby ending the wild party. He then notify Matt that Happy was hit by a car and he took her to Abbott Animal Hospital. In "Faith, Hope and the Bottom Line", he and Officer McGuire rushed over to the Camden's after Ruthie called "911" because Simon was hiding in his room. He told Ruthie not to call the police unless it was an emergency.

He was later promoted to Detective and then to Captain. He was promoted to Police Chief of Glen Oak in season 11. In PK (a.k.a. Preacher's Kid), Detective Michaels convinced Kevin Kinkirk to babysit his troubling and rebellious granddaughter. He and Eric are friends and occasionally work together; he refers people to Eric for counseling and Eric accompanies him on death notifications.


Chief Michaels were the guy who the Camdens would go to for help with any legal trouble. He likes to generate positive feelings in the community towards the police.

He had a sister who he mostly took care of, more so as a parent rather than a big brother. His sister married and went out with a bad guy who Michaels thought she only went out just to tortured him. They got divorced due to the guy treating Michaels sister badly. Michaels blamed himself for his sister going out with this guy and thought that maybe if he was more of a friend to his sister rather than a parent then maybe she would've listen to him.

Chief Michaels is a caring individual who looks out for others, especially his family. He feels responsible for his sister's well-being and is quick to blame himself when things go wrong.



  • Unnamed sister

Marital status[]

  • Unnamed wife (divorced)


  • Rick Michaels (son)


  • Haley Michaels (granddaughter)


Chief Michaels appears in a total of 45 episodes in 7th Heaven.

Episodes featuring Captain Michaels


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