7th Heaven
Can I Just Get Something to Eat
Season 11, Episode 12
Can i just get something to eat
Air date January 14, 2007
Written by Story by: Brenda Hampton
Teleplay by: Chris Olsen & Jeff Olsen
Directed by Harry Harris
Episode Guide
Script Number Two Hundred Thirty-Four

"Can I Just Get Something to Eat" was the twelfth episode of the 11th season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, the episode scored 3.13 million viewers.


Kevin feels that Lucy is too lazy to grocery-shop as she keeps promising to do; she hates that he buys wholesale and throws out everything officially past its expiration date, and he is pragmatic about his New Year's resolution to save money before they have a second baby. The twins spend $50 of their savings to help Darfur through Nicodemus, a Sudanese refugee who once helped Ruthie get home from a school field trip. The reverends oppose several old deacon votes Lou informs them of on matters from office furniture for Lucy (the selfish priority openly disgusts Kevin) to whether Darfur is too political a cause to get the parish's financial support. Ruthie arrogantly pretends her Scottish political talks make her an expert on all world problems compared to T-Bone, who never traveled overseas and doesn't even own a computer, but he soon finds that Margaret has doubts about the material Jane gave Ruthie, and in mere hours he learns more than she knows. Kevin tries to educate the girls, who react emotively and show generosity.


  • Tyler Hoechlin (Martin) does not appear in this episode.
  • The episode ends with various clips of the Darfur crisis.


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  • Waiting on the World to Change by John Mayer.

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