7th Heaven
Breaking up is hard to do.jpg

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do is the sixth episode of the second season of 7th Heaven. It aired on October 20th, 1997.


After receiving a letter he read to nobody from Heather, Matt borrows what he can from siblings (essentialy the bank of Simon) to travel all the way to Philadelphia, but it's barely enough far a flight to Indianapolis and bus to Pittsburg.

Meanwhile, Simon succumbs to peer pressure when every other classmate has a 'steady girl', only to seek a way out once he experiences Janice's bossing. He asks dumping advice from Mary, who manages to break up with Wilson over him 'pleasing her dad too much'.

Elsewhere, grumpily single since Jimmy Moon dumped her, Lucy is eager to become friends with reputed heart-breaker Charlie Banks, who actually behaves like a gentleman.

And finally, kindergarten teacher madness peeks again with note to the parents about (a) kissing (game) as potential sexual harassment.