7th Heaven
Boyfriends... (Part 1)
Season 2, Episode 21
Boyfriends Part 1
Air date May 4, 1998
Written by Brenda Hampton
Directed by Burt Brinckerhoff
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"Boyfriends…" is the twenty-first episode of the 2nd season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 6.18 million viewers. First part of a two-parter episode.


When Mary and Wilson decide to get back together it begins to make Annie worrisome about their togetherness since Wilson and his son Billy are hanging around the Camden house a lot more. Later on, Matt catches Wilson and Mary both sleeping together in her bed and throws a fit at them. Meanwhile, Lucy is also worried when her former boyfriends, Jimmy Moon and Rod team up to follow Eric around for a class project and start calling themselves Eric's "Ministers In Training." Also, Simon begins to train Happy for a role in a dog commercial while Matt is looking for the right time to tell his family that he got a job in Washington D.C. over the summer. Lastly, Happy's original owner and his daughter see Happy on television and want her back.


  • The first part of a season finale in the 2nd season of 7th Heaven.


  • When Mary slapped Matt, it seemed like they added more sound to the slap as it didn't sound too hard when they showed Mary slapping it.

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