7th Heaven

Ashley was friend of Lucy's who made her debut in "Saturday". She suspected that Jimmy's friend liked her. She remained as one of Lucy's friend until she and Jimmy got together after Lucy and him broke up. At some point after, Jimmy inexplicably ended their relationship for unknown reasons.


Ashley was supposed to attend Mary's basketball game with Lucy, but Mary uninvited everyone so she got upset she couldn't go. However, Lucy offered to ask Jimmy Moon if his friend, Steve, liked Ashley, who Ashley herself likes. She stormed out of the house when Jimmy unknowingly admitted that his friend thought Ashley was annoying on the phone.[1] She next appeared in "With a Little Help from My Friends" where she attended Lucy's 13th birthday party and danced with Simon at the party.

It's revealed in Don't Take My Love Away that Ashley and Jimmy were dating after Jimmy broke up with Lucy. On her first day of high school, Lucy had to awkwardly confront Ashley for the first time since she got with Jimmy, as her locker was right next to hers.[2]

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