7th Heaven
Season 5, Episode 18
Air date April 23rd, 2001
Written by Chris & Jeff Olsen
Directed by Harry Harris
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Apologize is the eighteenth episode of the 5th season and the 106th episode overall of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, this episode scored 6.54 million viewers, leading the WB and earning 76th place for the week nationally.[1]


The striking resemblance of Robbie's new friend, Marie, to Mary, raises eyebrows among discerning Camdens. Annie's invitation for her to stay for dinner makes things weirder for them. Back in Buffalo, unbeknownst to Robbie, Mary accidentally bumps into her old boyfriend Wilson (guest-star Andrew Keegan) and his son Billy at the train station and makes plans to meet him for the evening. Mary is unsure of whether she should tell Robbie but confides in her family about this. They all say that she should tell Robbie about this, but decides to ignore their advice. Also, Matt meets Robbie's ex-girlfriend, Cheryl, at the restaurant where she works. He starts to have feelings for Cheryl and tries his best to try to get her to go on a date with him. His efforts work by the end but is having a hard time telling Robbie about his interest in his ex-girlfriend.


A group of young children are playing basketball on the court with Robbie supervising. One of the children approaches Robbie, questioning why they can't play soccer. Robbie explains that the field is too wet, and there's a risk of getting injured. A random woman comes up to Robbie and asks if she would be in his way if she used the other end of the court to take a study break. Robbie appears a bit taken aback and when the woman notices, he comments that she bears a striking resemblance to a friend of his, almost like they were twins. Meanwhile, at Buffalo's train terminal, Mary spots Wilson and Billy on the opposite side, calling out to them. They wave excitedly upon seeing her.

At the Colonel's house, Mary frustratingly attempts to reach the house in Glenoak but encounters a persistent busy signal. She tries to call again, Lucy answers the phone, initially thinking it's Jeremy, only to be disappointed to find out it's Mary. In response, Mary asks if someone asked her out would she still go out with them, but Lucy says she doesn't have Mary's "problem" with people asking her out. Lucy advises her to speak to Matt, citing his experience with long-distance relationships. However, Mary insists on talking to Lucy, revealing her dilemma about old boyfriends resurfacing. Lucy, reluctant to get involved, expresses her liking for Robbie, but Mary clarifies that Robbie is her current boyfriend, not the old one. Lucy then asks about the old boyfriend she is talking about, learning it's Wilson. Mary discusses her situation, mentioning that she ran into Wilson at a train station in Buffalo, and wants Lucy's advice on the matter. Mary says she wants a second opinion and to get Annie. Annie comes upstairs and says that it's not polite to yell at her name and Lucy apologizes and says Mary needs advice and explains her situation. Annie grabs the phone and tells Mary she should really tell Robbie about this and that it's important to tell the truth all the time over long distance relationship. Mary asks why she can't just say she bumped into Wilson and they were thinking about having dinner sometime. Eric walks in and Annie says she ran into Wilson and thinking of having dinner with him. Annie asks what's the part she didn't want to tell Robbie and she says the part where she felt happy to see him, which Annie tells Eric who grabs the phone and says he doesn't think she should tell Robbie that but should tell him she ran into Wilson and had dinner. Eric says it's lying by omission and if she still has feelings for Wilson then it's lying to herself because it's not just a dinner. Simon walks in, asks what's going on, grabs the phone, and tells Mary she can't have dinner with Wilson without telling Robbie. Meanwhile, Ruthie is in the twin's room with music playing and dancing and Robbie comes in and dances with her. Robbie says Mary taught him how to dance and asks where everyone is and Ruthie says they are upstairs talking to Mary but don't know what for. The rest of the Camdens are standing in the doorway watching Robbie and Ruthie dance until they notice them. Simon gives the phone to Robbie and tells him it's Mary while the rest of the Camden walk out to give them privacy. Lucy suggests talking to Robbie about the situation, but Mary wants a second opinion and calls for Annie. Annie arrives upstairs, telling Lucy to be polite and not yell for her. Lucy apologizes and explains Mary's situation to Annie. Annie takes the phone, advising Mary to be truthful in her long-distance relationship and to be 100% truthful to Robbie. Mary asks why she can't tell Robbie about bumping into Wilson and thinking about having dinner sometime. Eric joins the conversation, learning that Mary ran into Wilson and is contemplating having dinner with him. Annie asks her what's the part she didn't want to tell Robbie and says the part where she felt happy to see him. Eric grabs the phone and tells her that she shouldn't tell Robbie about being happy to see Wilson, but should tell him she ran into him and is thinking of having dinner. Eric emphasizes the importance of honesty and transparency, stating that omitting details is a form of lying. He also mentions that she will also be lying to herself if she has feelings for Wilson because it's not just a dinner. Simon enters, curious about the discussion, and upon learning of her situation, tells Mary that she can't have dinner with Wilson and not tell Robbie. Meanwhile, Ruthie is in the twin's room with music playing and dancing. Robbie comes in and dances with her, mentioning that Mary taught him how to dance. The rest of the Camdens are standing in the doorway watching them dance until they notice them. Simon hands the phone to Robbie, and the rest of the Camdens discreetly leave, giving Robbie and Mary privacy. Robbie shares his day with Mary, playing basketball with kids at the daycare, and mentions that a woman named Marie bumped into him and she resembles her. Robbie goes on to say that she plays basketball and she goes to college on an academic scholarship. Mary is clearly a little angry with Robbie's non-stop praising of her, and with Robbie not really catching on her sarcasm in her words. Mary, feeling jealous and a little insecure, abruptly hangs up on him. Confused, Robbie walks out and runs into Matt, where he tells him about Mary's strange behavior and recounts the conversation he had about Marie. Matt offers advice on long-distance relationships and Mary's feelings of loneliness and insecurity. He tries to tell him the reason Mary is upset is because is in Buffalo all alone, comes home, and talks to Robbie where he spends the entire afternoon talking about a woman who looks just like her. Still, he is met with resistance from Robbie, who mocks Matt's lack of recent relationship experience. Matt jokingly retorts that not having "duplicates" of former girlfriends doesn't mean he doesn't date and exits to another room. Robbie tries calling Mary again without success.

Mary is on the phone with Wilson, expressing her desire to go out to dinner with him. Wilson, however, clarifies that the invitation was to stay in for dinner as he needs to take care of Billy. Undeterred, Mary insists she'd love to come over. Wilson thanks her, sharing his feelings about loneliness in a new city and she can come over as soon as she likes. Mary glances at the phone before leaving for Wilson's. After she leaves the room, the phone rings where Robbie is trying to reach her. In the kitchen, Annie asks Eric about Mary going out with Wilson. Eric notes that it depends on Robbie's actions but emphasizes that Mary will go out with Wilson regardless. Up in the attic, Lucy, Simon, and Ruthie discuss the situation with Mary. Lucy thinks it's a bad idea for her to go out with Wilson and Ruthie predicts Mary won't tell Robbie. Ruthie adds that she will go out with Wilson and years from now she'll marry him. Lucy replies that Robbie will probably not even mind if she went to dinner with Wilson and Robbie isn't the jealous type. Ruthie further explains that isn't her point, and she just thinks that Robbie seeks stability, while Mary, having had stability, now wants something different like Wilson. Simon tells her she's overconfident and when the doorbell rings, the Camdens rush down to find Marie out the door looking for Robbie. Nightfall comes, and Robbie and Marie are studying alone. Marie shares her aspirations of coaching high school basketball, and getting into spots changed her life. Matt walks in and asks to speak to Robbie privately, where he warns Robbie that Marie is hitting on him and urges him to get rid of her. Unconvinced, Robbie dismisses Matt's claim. Matt brings Robbie to Annie and Eric who is in the kitchen, insisting they get rid of Marie because she looks exactly like Mary. Annie advises Matt to cool down and they can't get rid of her as she is staying for dinner, and Robbie defends Marie, stating she's only a friend. Matt, frustrated, leaves. On the stairwell, Ruthie eavesdrops on their conversation and goes to Sam and David's room to share details with Simon and Lucy. She mentions that Robbie said she just met her and doesn't exactly know what she is to him. She goes back down and while listening, Ruthie hears Robbie telling Annie that he and Mary didn't talk for very long and he inadvertently insulted Mary by saying he met someone that looks like her. She relays this information to Simon and Lucy, mentioning that Mary never told Robbie about Wilson and they had a fight. Ruthie jokes about predicting everything coming true before heading back down. Lucy tells Simon that she tries calling her but she is not home or not answering. Simon suggests that they call the Colonel and asks where she is but Lucy says she's pretty sure she knows where she is. Mary arrives at Wilson's place, where he's preparing dinner. They share a laugh when Billy pretends to be sleepy to watch cartoons. Meanwhile, at a restaurant, Matt asks for a table and when he mentions his name, he is recognized by one of the workers there. She introduces herself as Cheryl, Robbie's ex-girlfriend. Back at the Camden house, Annie invites Ruthie to come down from the stairs and help with dinner. Ruthie jokes about Marie being an improved Mary, asking if she has any kids Annie doesn't know about. Annie replies that they may look a little alike but Marie is not a new and improved Mary and they still love Mary. In the living room, Eric talks to Marie about her faith and how God kept her going when he father died when she was eleven. Ruthie walks in to say dinner is done and playfully calls Marie "Mary." Marie mentions that she must miss her big sister and Eric specifically says Robbie especially does. Upstairs, Ruthie, Simon, and Lucy discuss the situation again. Ruthie finds the whole situation funny and jokes about Robbie bringing clones of them into the house too. Simon doesn't really agree and feels it's disloyal for a woman to come into the house and take Mary's place. Ruthie says she's being honest and Mary is the disloyal one by sneaking out behind Robbie's back. Robbie walks out of his room, sensing something is amiss, but they remain silent. Ruthie says she likes Marie and tells him that she was all-state in basketball and got a 4.0 grade average in college. Robbie mentions that he tried calling the Colonel to ask where Mary was and he told him that she was out with an old friend. He asks Simon, Ruthie, and Lucy who that old friend might be. Lucy says if Mary went out then she should be the one to tell him. Robbie says the fact is that she didn't tell him and gets the feeling she only started a fight so she doesn't have to feel guilty about going out. They still don't tell him and Robbie gets angry and eventually walks away.

Meanwhile, Cheryl guides Matt to a table, expressing apologies for the extended wait. Matt inquires about her break, suggesting they could share a meal. Cheryl clarified that she's temporarily managing the night shift until the regular hostess arrives, and she would be delighted to have dinner with him. In Buffalo, Mary and Wilson discuss Mary's regrettable decision to break into the gym. Wilson points out their shared struggle, emphasizing the importance of taking life one day at a time. He opens up about still trying to overcome the loss of Billy's mother and striving to be a better person for his son, and she has to be a better person for her. Mary admits she has a boyfriend back in Glenoak and clarifies she has no plans to move to Buffalo nor does he have any plans to move. Wilson remarks on the challenges of long-distance relationships. Mary says it's late and she should go and declines Wilson's offer to drive her to the train station due to Billy needing attention. Wilson remarks it was really great seeing her and assures her that if she's not interested in anything more than friendship, it's completely acceptable, and they can continue as friends. Mary responds with a nod and a smile. Back at the restaurant, Matt and Cheryl engage in casual conversation. Matt attempts some light flirting, but Cheryl asserts that dating wouldn't work between them. She questions whether his interest is motivated by his dislike for Robbie. Matt denies this, expressing admiration for Robbie's ability to keep his life together. Cheryl, referencing her past deception with a fake pregnancy, warns Matt that he might know too much about her. Matt acknowledges that he is already aware of her history but says that it's none of his business and is just trying to find a woman he wants a relationship with. Cheryl insists they're not on a date yet if he does want to go on a real one, she wants to be treated like any other woman; with respect such as calling her ahead of time and don't even expect a goodnight kiss. Matt asks if he might be able to get her phone number and they both chuckle. At the Camden house, Robbie guides Marie to the door and thanks her for the notes. Marie asks if she'll see him at the basketball court tomorrow, but Robbie tells her that he made Mary upset by telling her about a woman who looks similar to her and hasn't been able to get her on the phone. He goes on to say he feels like he took advantage of her by getting those notes, but Marie reassures him that it's no problem at all and she compliments him for his integrity. Once Marie leaves, Robbie goes to Eric's office and confides in Eric about him thinking Mary is possibly going out to dinner with Wilson. When he doesn't see much of a reaction on Eric's face, he realizes he already knows which angers Robbie. Eric explains the situation, emphasizing that Wilson is just a friend and not a competition. Eric further explains to Robbie that Mary isn't on solid ground yet and he predicts she is going to become very guilty about going out with Wilson and is going to call him soon. Robbie is upset, feeling Mary started a fight to just avoid feeling guilty about going out. Eric asks Robbie what his response would be if Mary called, and Robbie insists he wouldn't want her having dinner with a boyfriend so far away. Eric remarks that they've discussed with Mary about coming home but she isn't ready yet, and urges patience and emphasizes that Mary needs to make the decision to come home herself. Still at the restaurant, Matt places a call to Cheryl, who is still working, and proposes they go see a movie after her work. Matt mentions he'll be at the library and will return in time for her shift to end. Cheryl hesitates at first but eventually agrees when Matt assures her that it's just a casual movie outing. At the house, Lucy converses with Ruthie about Jeremy, mentioning that he had an interview at a school and was supposed to call her afterward, but he never did. Ruthie tries to comfort her older sister, suggesting that Jeremy is probably en route back to the city. Ruthie inquires about the location of the school, and Lucy speculates it's somewhere around New York. Simon enters the room, informing them that Mary has not returned, and Robbie is visibly upset. The uncertainty surrounding Mary's situation leaves them all distressed about what the future holds. In Buffalo, Jeremy sitting down at a train station and Mary sits next to him, both anxiously waiting for the next train. They make eye contact, not knowing who each other is, and for some reason, Jeremy narrates his story about not living there and having an interview for a school. Mary mentions that the train should be there in about ten minutes. After their date, as Matt and Cheryl exit the movie theater, Cheryl inquires about Matt's thoughts on the movie. She expresses her appreciation for guys who comprehend women, to which Matt responds that he, too, understands women. Cheryl counters, suggesting that, based on what she's heard, he might not understand enough not to get emotionally attached to them. In the course of their conversation, Matt brings up his past engagements, mentioning that he almost got married, and Cheryl shows awareness of that relationship by mentioning Heather's. Matt adds another layer, revealing he was also emotionally attached to another woman for the sake of yet another woman, and Cheryl identifies the second woman as Shana. This exchange leads to a bit more playful flirting between them.

The next day, Robbie encounters Matt and apologizes, and didn't mean to run him out of his own house last night. Matt acknowledges his overreaction and mentions that he just saw a late movie. Robbie, troubled by Mary having dinner with Wilson, decides not to be friends with Marie. Matt asks if he talked to her. Robbie says he didn't want to keep calling that late last night. The topic gets on about how hard it would be talking about old girlfriends or boyfriends, and Matt asks if someone would have wanted to talk to him about Cheryl, but Robbie says he wouldn't want to talk about it. Matt advises Robbie to call Mary and discuss the situation with her. Robbie runs into Ruthie, who thinks Matt is acting guilty, but both dismiss the idea of Matt and Cheryl being together due to how crazy it would be. Matt goes downstairs to retrieve the phone from Eric's office, prompting Eric to notice something unusual about Matt. Eric notices he got to the house late and Matt mentions seeing the movie but not Cheryl. He remarks about calling Mary and even though Eric knows something is fishy about him, he leaves for the kitchen anyway. In the attic, Lucy is looking at a picture of Jeremy and mentions to Simon that he hasn't called yet. Pessimistically, she mentions that there's probably no point in waiting since he's likely moving to New York. Feeling disheartened, Lucy tells Simon that there might be another girl who looks like her and could be even better for Jeremy. Simon, however, reassures her, asserting that there is no one better for Jeremy than Lucy herself. Lucy appreciates his comforting words and reciprocates by telling Simon the same. Lucy then wonders if there's a chance Ruthie is correct, imagining a scenario where Robbie ends up with Marie and Mary finds someone else. Simon acknowledges the uncertainty of the situation, emphasizing that a lot depends on the outcome of their next conversation. Meanwhile, Robbie approaches Eric's office where Matt is present, and expresses his intention to talk to Mary. Matt, understanding the sensitivity of the matter, gives them privacy. Robbie proceeds to call Mary. Upon her answer, he informs her that he and Marie won't be friends and suggests she apologize to him, emphasizing that she should have disclosed her plan to go out with Wilson. Robbie asks if she plans to see Wilson again, but her silence prompts him to ask if she should come home. Mary asserts that she isn't ready to return home, leading to more troubles in their long-distance relationship.


  • Music featured in this episode was from Eric Clapton's "Superman Inside".
  • Andrew Keegan reprises his role as Wilson West after not being on the series since its 3rd season a few years back, only making a one-second cameo in One Hundred.


  • This is the third episode in a row where Chaz Lamar Shepherd (John Hamilton) does not appear.
  • On the initial broadcast date of this episode on April 23, 2001, Barry Watson, who played the character Matt Camden, celebrated his 27th birthday.
  • Alexander Gould, featured a small role in this episode, would go on to voice Nemo in "Finding Nemo."

Goofs & Errors[]

  • When Wilson invites Mary for dinner, he checks if her preferred dish is still spaghetti with meat sauce. She confirms it. However, in a later episode, Annie states that Mary's favorite meal is pot roast and apple pie.


Main Cast[]

Featured in the opening credits are:

Guest Stars[]

  • Andrew Keegan as Wilson West
  • David Lago as Jeremy
  • Lauren German as Marie
  • Barret Swatek as Cheryl


  • Mercedes Colón as Hostess
  • Alexander Gould as Pee Wee #1
  • Charlie Stewart as Pee Wee #2


  • Lorenzo Brino as Sam Camden
  • Nikolas Brino as David Camden
  • Casey Boersma & Dylan Boersma as Billy West