7th Heaven
And baby makes three
And Baby Makes Three
Season 10, Episode 13
Air date January 30, 2006
Written by Lawrence H. Levy
Directed by Michael Preech
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"And Baby Makes Three" was the thirteenth episode of the tenth season of 7th Heaven. On its original airing, the episode scored a 6.28 million viewers.


When Sandy goes into labor she is unable to get in contact with anyone, but leaves messages with Simon, Lucy and Martin. Simon eagerly chooses to rush to the hospital, however Rose angers him when she refuses to go with him believing that Sandy is just crying for attention. Ruthie, starting to feel interested in Martin, joins him at the batting cages in the morning while he prepares for - what he believes is - the appearance of a scout from the pros that afternoon at practice, but is just a coach from Sequoia College, that Eric arranged, who offers him a scholarship. Kevin surprises Lucy when he decides that he wants to try having another baby, however Lucy says she's too occupied with responsibilities.


  • Haylie Duff (Sandy Jameson) ends her 13-episode arc in this episode, however she does make one brief appearance at the end of the season finale. Additionally, she returns as a cast member during season 11.


Opening Credits[]

Featured in the opening credits are:

Stephen Collins
Catherine Hicks
David Gallagher
Beverley Mitchell
Mackenzie Rosman
Nikolas/Lorenzo Brino
George Stults
Tyler Hoechlin *
Sarah Thompson
Haylie Duff

  • Although he did appear in the episode, Tyler Hoechlin was accidentally omitted from the opening credits and was not credited at all.


  • This Woman's Work by Kate Bush.
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