7th Heaven
All That Jazz
Season 3, Episode 12
All That Jazz
Air date January 18, 1999
Written by Sue Tenney
Directed by Harvey Laidman
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"All That Jazz" is the twelfth episode of the third season of 7th Heaven, and the fifty-sixth episode overall. On its original airing, this episode scored 7.94 million viewers.


Simon is trying to find the perfect gift for Deena, but it's consuming his time so much that Nigel, who is visiting, gets annoyed. Rod, Lucy's ex-boyfriend, is spending time at the Camden's home because his mother died and he doesn't want to face his father. Heather is back in town and tells Matt she is engaged. Meanwhile, Dr. Hasting, who almost killed Matt when he was born, has started working at Glen Oak Hospital again and Annie is not thrilled about it. Mary tells everyone she is back with Wilson, but it is not true. She just made it up to get attention from guys. But this makes Michael Towner, the guy who hit Mary with his car two years ago, call her.



Guest Starring[]

  • Ed Begley, Jr. as Hank Hastings
  • Andrea Farrell as Heather Cain
  • Donnie Jeffcoat as Michael Tower
  • Meg Wittner as Donna Kane
  • Tyrees Allen as Dr. Warren
  • Toran Caudell as Rod
  • David Netter as Nigel Hamilton


  • Kenneth Robert Shippy as Paul


  • First appearances of the famous Ed Begley Jr as recurring character, Hank Hastings.

Opening Credits[]

Featured in the opening credits are:

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